Treatment Update

Hubby went to see Dr. K last Tuesday, and while the news was not surprising, it wasn’t great.  He had bloodwork and an SA roughly 2 1/2 months after starting hCG (Pregnyl), and there was effectively no change in hormone levels or the SA.  His testosterone is still low, and he’s been having hot flashes and just feeling generally crappy since this process started.  He still has 0 sperm.  Again, no surprise there, as we hadn’t even started the hMG (Menopur) injections yet when he provided the sample.  Dr. K did give us the okay to start the hMG, and so far he’s had two injections, but hasn’t noticed any change in how he feels.  He is on his way to visit his family and see a urologist/andrologist who has treated men with his condition in his home country.  Hopefully, that doctor won’t give us contradicting treatment options, although if he did, I would be more inclined to follow his recommendations because of his experience with this diagnosis.  Our current urologist has only treated one other patient with the hormonal issues Hubby has, but that patient had a pituitary tumor and had been on testosterone replacement therapy for a much shorter duration.  Of course, if we need to get more aggressive, that also means more $$$, but we have money set aside just for these treatments.  Ideally, by the time this ordeal is over, we’ll have some money left over for baby basics, which is, after all, the whole point.


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