What Hubby learned

Just as I feared (purely from a financial standpoint), the new doc wants to change the dosage of Hubby’s meds, which means more $$$ out of our pockets before we even get to IVF.  Dammit.  We’re increasing Menopur to 3x what Dr. K  prescribed and changing all his injections to 3x a week instead of 2.  I haven’t heard yet how much this is going to cost us, but Hubby’s going to get 6 months’ worth of meds while he’s in a country where they’re more affordable.

The good news is this doc seems to share Hubby’s unwavering sense of optimism, and thinks IUI might actually be an option for us.  And this is before we’ve gotten any sperm.  At all.

The best thing I’ve heard about this guy is that when he asked Hubby if he had any kids and Hubby said no, he responded “Don’t say ‘no.’  Say ‘not yet!'”

And more good news: Hubby’s dad’s cousin volunteered to use his connections to help Hubby find a job.  Who says nepotism’s a bad thing?


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