I’ve been sick for a week.  It’s just a cold, but it’s kicking my ass.  Last week, I took Tuesday off because I only had a couple of visits scheduled, and I thought I could easily make them up if I had to later in the week.  I figured staying home one day to rest would […]

Living for Someday

I often feel like I’m waiting for my real life to begin.  Because this can’t be it. Don’t get me wrong; my life is not terrible.  It’s actually pretty good.  I love my husband, who also happens to be my best friend, and we’ve been able to travel together and have experiences that would have […]

Our Hair, Ourselves

Hubby shaved his beard today.  I was sad to see it go.  He hasn’t had a beard in years, and this one was off to a good start.  The only reason he had it was because, while he was away, he had a couple of wisdom teeth pulled, and that side of his face hurt […]


It’s been a long week.  My first week back at work since the holidays, and it has draaaaaagged.  Partly because I didn’t have as many home visits as I normally do, and partly because it was just a rough week and wouldn’t do me the courtesy of sucking quickly.  There are many reasons I hated this […]

Grandmas + January poem

I miss my grandma.  She was the only one I had, and she was amazing.  My family history is a treasure-trove of incredible characters and stories, but my grandma had some of the best.  She lived through the great depression, played piano in a jazz band, where she earned the nickname “Rodney,” recycled long before […]