Any Giants fans out there?  Hubby and I watched the Super Bowl together, and it was freakin’ awesome!  Eli’s like the little brother I never had, and I just knew there was greatness in him.

Four years ago, Hubby and I were home, rooting for the underdog (mostly because Hubby hates the Patriots, aka the Evil Empire), and by some miracle, in the form of a helmet-catch, the Giants won.  Against the “best” team in the NFL.  Against all odds.

This year, the Giants made it into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth.  They blew out the Falcons and went on to beat the best offense in the league, followed by the best defense, to get to the Super Bowl.  They were peaking at the right time.

It was a hard-fought game.  The Giants started off hot, but toward the end of the first half and into the second, the Patriots were picking up steam.  But Eli is nothing if not clutch in the 4th quarter.  An 88-yard drive with less than four minutes to go, a fantastic sideline catch by Manningham, and an uncontested touchdown put the Giants ahead.  They weren’t out of the woods until the Patriots’ last-second hail mary failed.  And then: champions.  Again.

I’ve always been a sucker for the underdogs.  When I first started watching sports with Hubby (which I really got into because he actually explained the rules to me), it was the 2004 NBA playoffs.  The Pistons were my team, and they met the Lakers in the finals.  Guess who won.  The underdogs.  Later that year, I cheered on the Red Sox against Hubby’s Yankees.  Broke the curse.

And now I’m rooting for us.  Major underdogs.  Trying to make a baby with no sperm whatsoever is the biggest longshot there is.  We spent a lot of time pre-game practicing, preparing, coming up with a game plan.  Now we’re in the first quarter, trying to build up some momentum.  But our opponent, infertility, isn’t going down without a fight.  We’re looking at a come-from-behind victory at best.  A win in dramatic fashion.  That’s what underdogs do best.


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