My Valentine

I don’t do Valentine’s Day crap.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s a made-up, commercial holiday.  But I do love my husband, and so this post is dedicated to him.  I wrote a poem for our wedding, 5 1/2 years ago, and although our future seems to be hurtling at us a little more slowly than I anticipated back then, I still believe we’re headed in the right direction.  Hard to believe I could love him more than I did on that day, but, sappy as it sounds, it’s true.  Here we are in all our sickeningly sweet glory. 

(ultra-cropped to protect the innocent)

On Our Wedding Day

I give you my heart,
you give me your name,
these are the gifts we keep.
Bless the life we have today,
bless the life to come:
Mornings in bed, watching you sleep;
all of our groceries in one cart,
and put away in our home;
calling to say “I love you”
in the middle of the day;
popcorn and movies on TV.

Then babies, mortgage,
children growing much too fast,
tenure track, laundry, dishes,
vacation road trips, empty house,
old age, grandkids, till death

Today we start something new,
the memories we keep.
All that you have given me
I hope to give to you—
your name: happiness.


10 thoughts on “My Valentine

  1. Beautiful…brought a tear to my eye! Roadblocks aside, you WILL get there and it sounds like you have picked a wonderful person to share in the journey. Maybe it’s not the travel plan you would have chosen but the important thing is that you get there together. 🙂

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