I’m glad it’s Friday.  I’m off work.  I’m in serious need of a weekend.

So…remember when I said I could schedule a bunch of testing this month as soon as my period started?  (Okay, I may have only said that somewhere in a comment, so if you didn’t know that, no biggie.)  I had called my RE’s office a couple of weeks ago because I figured the testing would be cycle-dependent, and I wanted to know what was happening well before CD1.  The person I talked to (I thought her name was Melinda, and I thought she was a nurse…??) said that all I had to do was call back on CD1 and everything could be scheduled–bloodowork, hysteroscopy, and hysterosalpingogram (HSG), since Dr. C had already said I should get all of that testing done, even though it was a while ago.

CD1 was Wednesday.  I called his office and pressed 1 for the nurse line (as instructed by what’s-her-name), only to have to leave a message, rather than talk to an actual person.  Shortly thereafter, I got a call back, not from a nurse, but from someone else in the office.  Who proceeds to tell me that there’s no way I can get any testing done since I haven’t seen Dr. C in a year and a half.  Huh?  I tell her that Nurse Melinda told me something very different, and she says, “Well, we do have someone here named Melinda, but she’s not a nurse.”  So a couple of holds and another phone call later, she tells me that since they don’t know who I talked to, she checked with Dr. C, and he said it would be fine to do the HSG but then I have to come in to see him and get another ultrasound before any other testing is scheduled.  Fun.

So I go ahead and schedule the appointment to see Dr. C, and she gives me the number for the hospital to schedule the HSG.  I call, and she says she has no referral and can’t schedule anything without a referral.  I tell her I just got off the phone with Dr. C’s office, so maybe it hadn’t been sent in yet.  I wait.  I call Dr. C’s office again.  Sure enough, the referral hadn’t been sent, and from what I gathered when I asked about this, she hadn’t even considered doing it, telling me, “it’s a new regulation.”  Great.  So glad I called to tell you how to do your job.

Finally get the HSG scheduled.  The woman at the hospital asks me if Dr. C’s office had prescribed an antibiotic.  Um, no.  I make another phone call.  This time I’m told the prescription will be ready by the end of the day.  I show up at the pharmacy at 4:30, thinking this is close enough to the end of the business day.  No prescription, not even in the computer.  I figure they got busy and hadn’t called it in yet.  Yesterday, I worked late and didn’t go by the pharmacy on my way home.  So I go again today.  No prescription.  Still nothing in the computer.  I am livid.

I call Dr. C’s office again.  Every time I call, a different person answers the phone.  I talk to a nurse.  Who assures me she will make sure the prescription is called in today.  Good thing I don’t need it until Tuesday.  She also went over the instructions for taking it again.  (Take it with food but not dairy.  Dairy makes it not work so well.)  She was nice.  And I didn’t write her name down, either.  Dammit!


20 thoughts on “Grrrr.

  1. Grrr!

    Dealing with red tape with MD’s offices can be SUCH a pain. Way to stand up for yourself, though, and don’t give up!

    Oh, and best of luck with your HSG. Hope it’s easy peasy for you, and that you have better luck than I did! 🙂

    • After reading about your experience, I made sure to ask what I should take beforehand, and I also checked with someone at work who’s had it done, and she advised me to take the rest of the day off, which I plan to do. And I’m also planning to wear some cute, fancy socks!

  2. Oh the BS of dealing with a large busy clinic. While it sucks, hopefully from now on you’ll be able to write down the names of folks that talk to.

    It’s stories like that freak me out about getting back into fertility assistance…. blah!

  3. Wow, that’s retarded. I hate that word but it really is an accurate description. I wish that there was a better way for these places to run so that you were always getting the most accurate of information instead of scattered “I think its true” half truths.

  4. How frustrating! I hate when you have to hound people to do their job. I’ve had similar experiences with calling in prescriptions. (the making multiple phone call thing, especially). I hope your HSG goes well. I know it is different for everyone but it really wasn’t that bad for me at all, nothing like I’d imagined. Good luck!

  5. We put so much faith in our doctors with something so important, and then they all can’t seem to find the time to pull their heads out of their asses. Sorry for the bullshit, on top of all the bullshit.

  6. I think doctors & nurses are notorious for this sort of thing. I recommend not getting too worked up about it because – and I do hate to say this, but – there’s probably a lot more of that in your future! My doctors “forgot” a ton of things along the way… during my IVFs no less!

    My HSG was a cake-walk! I took an ibuprofen an hour before and really probably didn’t even need that. If your tubes are clear, you won’t feel a thing. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Tiger! 😉

    • Thanks! I know I’m going to have to deal with these people A LOT over the next several months. It would just be nice if they would get their shit together. Realistically, I know I’m one of many, many patients, and, like I said, I haven’t been in that office for a year and a half. It’s just that dealing with all the hassle on top of everything else…it’s a lot.

  7. i’m sorry you are having to jump through so many hoops – IF is bad enough without all that added hassle. i’m with swankylady, the HSG wasn’t anywhere near as bad as i was expecting. hope you’ll be able to say the same!

  8. No cool “Melinda.” I also get very frustrated with people at the RE’s office…it’s just another working day for them, but a huge deal for us. Good luck!

  9. Ditto to all of the above! The last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not the clinic folks know what they’re talking about. Hang in there!

    Also, to add my two cents – my HSG was also not as bad as I’d expected. The weirdest part was just that (at least for me) it wasn’t in my RE’s office but in a surgery center, so they do the whole gurney and gown and crazy surgery intake forms stuff — even though there’s no sedation. The HSG itself lasted about two seconds. Definitely wear the cute socks!

    • My RE’s office is located inside a hospital, but because of my insurance, I’m having my HSG done at a different hospital. I’m prepared, though. I bought myself some Wonder Woman socks yesterday!

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