I was always the nerdy girl in school.  We’re talking honor roll, marching band, Scholars’ Bowl, the whole nine nerd yards.  And it wasn’t like I could hide it.  I had nerd written all over me.  I wore big, plastic glasses, half the size of my face, since 1st grade.  I was (am) tall and gangly.  When my hair wasn’t stringy-straight, my mom put it in “rags,” so I looked like a blonde poodle.  My mom was rather a crafty gal, so she made a lot of my clothes, including what she affectionately called “pedal pushers,” which were capris before they were hip.  Waaaay before.  She also had an affinity for coolots.  Yeah.  I was that girl.


Anyway, I am by no means a “popular” blogger, by any stretch of the imagination.  But in the last few weeks, I’ve gotten so many new visitors and amazing comments (thanks, ICLW), you all have made me feel like homecoming queen.  So that’s kind of awesome.  And thanks!  Plus, I got to meet a bunch of other awesome bloggers.  I love this community!


8 thoughts on “Popular

  1. I hope that blogging let’s you embrace your nerdiness, but leave any insecurities behind. I think we’re all here to listen and support each other, no matter what your glasses looked like in elementary school. (Mine were grotesquely big too…at least for me, it was the 80s. Wasn’t that the style? Maybe not.)

  2. You know what I think is awesome about blogging? You can always not approve or un-approve comments….such a change from the rest of life, you know? How much better would middle school have been if we could have just “not approved” snarky comments from the popular kids? 🙂

    I got glasses around age 5, but it was not until I was in my teens that I realized that my grandma and I had the same. And that was the point at which I got new glasses….

  3. I’m more of a dork than a nerd really. I’m dorky to the extreme about random stuff. I met two of my best friends in school because they were sitting behind me talking to other people who didn’t have a clue about (one was wrestling in 7th grade, the other was horror movies in 11th grade) and I couldn’t help but correct the idiot they were talking to. Their friends didn’t like me a whole lot but we bonded very well over the experience. lol. My parents always told me I was just well rounded…I really thought they were talking about my weight for a long time…that’s how much of a dork I am. lol

    Since dorks and nerds get along so well, that must be why I like your blog so much. 😉 Dorks and nerds must stick together. *hugs*

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