Quickie Update

So…today is CD2.  Yesterday sort of snuck up on me.  I wasn’t expecting to get my period until today, so that was a nifty little surprise (or, you know, not so much).  I guess the silver lining is that I finally got my bloodwork done today.  (Anyone else had CD3 testing done on CD2?  Dr. C said I could get it done either day.)

Nothing else going on.  Hubby’s still dead-set on waiting another month before having his tests done.

Now that CD1 has come and gone, I actually feel a little better.  The worst part, I think, is the hope/dread that comes with the waiting.  Not that the waiting isn’t bad enough on its own, believe me.  I’ve been doing plenty of that the last five years.  Just waiting to get started with treatments drove me to the brink of despair.  I have to keep reminding myself we haven’t been on this crazy trip long enough to get anywhere yet.  It just feels like forever because we stood in line for so long.

Hubby just put this CD on, so I’m going to get my groove on.  Enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Quickie Update

  1. Hi there, thanks for looking at my blog. I’ve been doing IVF monitoring for 4 months, and each time has been on cycle day 2. Its nothing unusual, it will always be cd2 or 3, anything after 3 isn’t optimal.

    Thank you again for the follow, I’d love to see how things come a long for you!

  2. I know its hard. Just try to remember one little hurdle at a time. I know how little those words help and I wish I had something better to offer. I’ve been reading your story from the beginning and I already just want to hold your hand. I’m here if I can help at all..

  3. “It just feels like forever because we stood in line for so long.”

    This, times a million. I don’t even have anything else to add to that (shocking, right?). It’s a perfect expression.

    • The waiting is the worst. And I feel like we waited five years (since we got married) to even get started. Now that we’ve started, it’s a whole lot more waiting.

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