Friends without kids

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while.  (For the sake of anonymity, I’m calling her “Sincerity” for her complete absence of cynicism and her kind heart.)  Since the last time we saw each other, she and her boyfriend bought a house with a room for her very own study, […]

I survived

I was invited to a birthday party.  For a two-year-old.  My work friend J’s son.  She hand-delivered the invitation. I debated about whether I should go.  I asked Hubby if he wanted to come with me because I figured I could use the support, but I didn’t pressure him because I haven’t gone to any […]

Because you don’t know what it’s like until you’ve lived it

The more I reach out here, the more stories I read, the more experiences I compare to my own, the more I realize that we, as people dealing with infertility, going through treatments, suffering loss after loss, are not only battling infertility itself.  We are battling the ignorance and hurtful assumptions that exist in the outside […]