And the Winner is…

Me!  I told you, I always win the NCAA bracket over my husband (okay, he says not always, that last year was the exception, not the rule, and since I apparently don’t keep track of these things, I’ll take his word for it, but still…).  Bonus: I picked both teams that made it to the final, which put me in the 96th percentile, according to the website where we did our brackets.  Those are the kinds of numbers I’m used to seeing.  The team I picked to win it all is currently losing, so these are the stats I’m sticking with.

In other “I’m amazing” news, I finally summoned the ovaries to ask my supervisor for a raise.  Before I met with her last Friday, I may have had a mini panic attack–my chest tightened, my breathing became shallow, I could hear my pulse pounding in my ears.  But I did it.  I calmly explained that, as I’ve been taking on extra responsibility since forever last November, I thought it was time for the higher-ups to show some gratitude and let me know they value the work I do.  She agreed that I deserve it, but unfortunately, she is powerless when it comes to the actual money.  And since I work for a non-profit, there ain’t much of it to begin with.  But I knew I had to ask anyway.  Just to let the bosses know that I know that the work I’m doing is worth a lot more than what I’m being paid currently.  And now I have someone on my side who thinks so too and can speak on my behalf.

Honestly, I’m hoping I won’t work there much longer.  I’m hoping that Hubby will get a job soon and we’ll both be moving on.  I’m hoping that I can work part-time or not at all, especially if I have a darn good reason, like a brand new full-time job taking care of a newborn.

One last thing, a co-worker brought her five-month-old to work today, and it didn’t send me down a spiral of despair. 

Yay me.


6 thoughts on “And the Winner is…

  1. Yay! Congrats to all – especially the asking for a raise. That takes a lot of guts and is particularly tough to do at times like these. Go you!!

  2. Yay for no spiral of despair! That is a definite step in progress, at least I tell myself it is when I am in a similar situation with 2 sister-in-laws who are both so pregnant they are about to pop! Whether the steps are little or big, they all should be celebrated!

  3. So, as a serious UK fan (I mean, when your mom has worked there since before you were born, and your Master’s is from there, and you now work there, it seems almost mandatory), yay to you for beating hubby in the brackets!

    Also, thanks for your visit during ICLW. I am SUCH a slacker and am just getting around to visiting back 🙂

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