A jumbled up mess-o-thoughts

Because of everything that’s been going on in my world, I can’t even think straight, let alone get my thoughts written in a coherent narrative form.  Here’s my week so far, bullet-style:

  • My friend Sincerity and I have been doing a virtual writing group and exchanging poems/prose and comments via email, since every time we’re in the same room together, we get a lot of talking but not a lot of writing done.  Since I read her most recent comments on Sunday, I’ve had revisions, re-writes, and random words floating around my head with no time to sit down and arrange them to my liking.
  • My dad fell yesterday, while on the phone with me.  He’s 75.  He works full-time and has just started working days instead of 12-hour overnight shifts.  Apparently, he hit his head hard enough that it was bleeding, running down his neck, and ruining his shirt.  He lives in a really small town where there is no such thing as an emergency room, so he called an ambulance, they checked him out, but he refused to go to a hospital.  His head had stopped bleeding by that time, but his blood pressure was high.  He went to the doctor today, and everything checked out fine.  He was probably just dehydrated and got dizzy.  My poor dad makes me worry.
  • Work is totally crazy and probably the main source of my flitting, can’t-focus-on-one-thing-for-more-than-two-seconds thoughts.  Someone recently quit, and since my bosses are trying to figure out if they have enough money in the budget to hire someone new, they gave me the overflow.  Because I am too damn good at my job and–probably my biggest complaint at work–get punished for my efficiency.  This is on top of the new responsibilities I assumed in November and the reason I recently asked for a raise (of which I still haven’t heard any news).
  • And, finally, Hubby’s SA is this Friday.  So nervous/excited/anxious to get the results.

8 thoughts on “A jumbled up mess-o-thoughts

  1. Someone I have a lot of respect for once said to me “Never do a bad job well”
    I hope that your father is alright and that your husbands tests are spectacular!

  2. Fingers crossed for the SA!! Did you ever think that a stranger would be crossing her fingers for your husband’s sperm? 🙂 Ahhh, the weirdness of infertility!

  3. I can totally appreciate the bullet-style blog update…my thoughts are equally as jumbled this week, though it sounds like you win the prize for crazy week so far! I, too, am waiting on SA results this week. Good luck! I hope you see the results you want!

  4. What a week! Of course you’re talking about it in bullets; how else could you get it all down? I hope your dad is doing OK, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope the SA gives you good news. Are they going to give you the results the same day, or make you wait through the weekend?

    • Thanks. My dad seems to be fine now, but it freaked me out when it happened.

      I’m sure they’re making us wait. I believe last time we got the results from the urologist, who is in a different office. So he’ll get them first and then relay them to us. I’m sort of optimistic we’ll get something, even if it’s not up to normal levels.

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