All Quiet

Thank you, thank you, thank you again, Mel.  I appreciate the recognition for a post that was a little piece of my heart.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any results from Hubby’s latest SA and bloodwork.  That’s because we haven’t gotten them yet.  (Boo.)

He called Dr. K’s office earlier this week and spoke to Nurse S about his most recent SA.  She didn’t give him any numbers (and yes, if I would have talked to her, I would have insisted).  Instead, she used phrases like “something’s off” and “doesn’t look good,” which I find both annoyingly vague and not at all helpful.  I’m tempted to call her myself and demand answers, but I’ve opted for the saner option of waiting until our appointment on May 2.  Besides, they hadn’t even gotten the results of the bloodwork yet.

Hubby, in his usual optimistic manner, says that if there’s something there to look a little off, it’s better than nothing, which is what we’ve had up to this point.  He also suggested that maybe she didn’t know his condition and that a really bad sample would still be an improvement over no sperm at all.  I doubt that because she shouldn’t have been talking to him (let alone referencing his results) without his chart in front of her.

All of this is made only slightly better by the fact that Hubby did say it may not have been his best sample, at least in terms of volume.

Meanwhile, with absolutely no evidence to back me up, I’m proceeding as if we do indeed have sperm.  We’re now on cycle three of making myself crazy in the two weeks between ovulation and getting my period.  I’m not calling it a two week wait.  I refuse.  Because that implies we might actually have a shot at this without further intervention, which I know is unlikely.  And besides, it’s more of a genuine surprise (miracle?) if I’m not expecting it.

This is what I tell myself in my lucid moments.  The rest of the time, I imagine a little miracle embryo snuggling into my uterus.  Because, as I’ve said before, I am bat-shit crazy.

14 thoughts on “All Quiet

  1. WHY do boys do this am about to do a similar blog post lol. Embryologist calls me I ask quality, cells etc, decided couldn’t cope this time so M got the call. He didn’t ask anything he’s reasoning was its all good we have 3 (from 5) lol. Frustrating but I can see how it’s less stressful if you don’t feel the need to know,
    In the meantime fingers crossed a friend in my computer has just become 1 of those women & wow it apprently really does happen x

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just way too caught up in the details, and maybe I should adopt Hubby’s big picture attitude. Good luck with your 3 embies!

  2. Oh, the DHs and their laissez faire approach! I think it’s good though that there is something instead of nothing…
    And, you’re not crazy. I’ve read all kinds of “crazy” stories where those little babies happen

  3. You’re not even close to crazy! And there’s nothing wrong with imagining a little one burrowing into your uterus. One of these times, it will be 🙂 I’m actually with your hubby on this one – I think a “little off” might be an improvement and I wouldn’t assume that just because the nurse has the chart in front of her, that she actually knows what’s in it! lol Rest assured on whatever level it may be, your miracle is brewing.

  4. Ugh. I hate vague. My sister is newly pg and had her first ob appointment last week. When I asked for details, she said “she said everything looked fine.” No measurements, no heartrate, nothing! I was flabbergasted. How could she not ask for more information?!?

    I am hoping that your results come back better than expected.

    Big hugs,

    • Thanks, Jo. I’m a bit impatient to get some numbers, but given the changes we’ve seen, I’m confident there must be something there, even if it isn’t great.

  5. Vague stinks, but sometimes no news is good news. Unless your me, and then it means the Zombie Apocolypse is happening.

    You’re no where close to crazy! I think youre really special, and that you never know, you may have your miracle.

  6. I’m going with the nurse not reading your husband’s chart thoroughly. Those people only seem to read one page of the chart without going through the history.

    • I’m hoping that’s the case, even though she’s the only nurse we’ve ever dealt with. I just hope next week goes by faster than usual, which probably will not happen, just because I want it to!

  7. It’s so hard to wait for the appointments to discuss the results! Especially with things that have such a huge impact on what you do next and when you can do it. I’m sorry your patience is being tested, and yes, the nurse should not have said anything except ‘I don’t have his chart in front of me.’ Maybe the SA was a lot better, but she doesn’t know your history!? I hope it all turns out well. Lots of luck on 5/2!!!

  8. DH has gotten similar vague results before and I was glad I wasn’t there when he got them because I would have wanted to smack someone. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? (We are hoping to have some results here too, in the next week or so)
    Maybe we could take an IVF vacation together!

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