Last week at work

  • I had 22 visits scheduled–that’s 22 appointments at 22 different homes with 22 different families.  I actually prefer being busy to being bored all week, but still, that’s a lot.  However, 6 of these visits were cancelled (some at the last minute–thanks for that), along with an evaluation, which is supposed to take up a three-hour chunk of my Tuesday.  So much for being busy, but
  • I presented a 1-hour training to about 80 preschool/child care teachers.  Prep time for this = way more than an hour.  Between this and the 22 families I was supposed to see, I don’t think there was a single minute of my week that I wasn’t working my ass off.
  • Yet another week went by without hearing about the raise I asked for.  Have I mentioned that in addition to taking over the training program last November, I was also recently given another person’s caseload when she quit–and there are no plans to hire a replacement?  How appreciated at work am I feeling these days?  Not very.
  • During one of my home visits, the family I was working with was harassed by a possibly crazy person with a large kitchen knife in his hand.  No joke.  Probably the scariest moment of my life.  I honestly thought I was about to witness a stabbing.  Or get stabbed.  Fortunately, the guy walked away, and no one was hurt.  Badly shaken, but not injured.  And the police showed up promptly to arrest him.
  • Thursday I worked a 9 1/2 hour day.  The only upside to this was that I got to come home at 2:30 on Friday.
  • Vacation?  Yes, please.  Not going to happen anytime soon.

4 thoughts on “Last week at work

  1. Wow, you are busy at work, that’s for sure. I read this the other day and how scary that incident at the home visit must have been. Glad nothing more serious happend.

    • Me, too. I talked to the mom, and she said the guy is still in jail (thankfully). I worried about them and about him coming back because he seemed so fixated on the mom. Very scary. But she said the group home (right down the street from their house) is now supposed to have a responsible adult there at all times. Which they should have been doing all along. *sigh*

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