Fill up the pool….

We have swimmers!!!!!!

Nineteen of them to be exact.  Not 19 million.  Not even 19 thousand.  Just 19.  But we’ll take it.  Heck, it’s better than nothing, which is what we started with.

Even Dr. K was very excited and happy about this.  This is good news.  This is progress.  This is technically enough sperm for IVF, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Knowing the number does make me feel a little silly for thinking there was even a teeny tiny chance I might be pregnant.  (I’m definitely not, though, I even peed on stuff to confirm this, and I should be getting my period any minute now.)

Dr. K asked where we wanted to go from here.  He said we could move straight to IVF w/ ICSI if we wanted to.  The only problem is that we’re hoping Hubby’s going to get a job one of these days (or within the next few months, whatever), possibly in his home country, where IVF is covered by insurance and costs very little.  Dr. K thought it was a good idea to wait, see if Hubby’s numbers improve, and if we have the possibility of getting IVF on the cheap, even better.

So that’s the plan.  We’ll re-test in June to see how things are going.

And in case you were dying to know, 10 of those swimmers were swimming, so that’s 52.6% motility.  No data on morphology.

It’s going to get better.  It’s going to get better.  But I’m pretty darn excited right now!


25 thoughts on “Fill up the pool….

  1. Its a fantastic start! Where is your husbands home country? And does that mean you would both be moving there? Maybe its the wise thing, start in a new place with new plans a new home and new potentials!

    I know it can be scary. Mother of all that is holy do I know but Im really happy for you and I hope that it all just goes upwards from here!

    • I have purposely kept Hubby’s home country a secret here, but if you want, I can email you the details. He would like to keep as many of his personal details off the internet, if possible.

      But I am (sort of) excited about the possibility of moving somewhere new and exotic (to me, anyway).

  2. Congrats! This is wonderful news. You must feel such a huge weight off your shoulders! Now, I wish you lots of luck for a new job, insurance coverage and a continued rising count!

  3. Congrats!!! I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile, but I’ve never actually written to you. I just want to say this is extremely good news! My husband and I were being seen by a reproductive endocrinologist for about a year and a half, mainly because my husband had zero sperm count before treatment due to a genetic condition. He underwent some treatment (lots of injections, biopsies, testing, sampling, etc.) and we were told his count came back low. Then, during a post-coital exam, they said they only found one. Yes, one. The RE who saw me at the time said I would HAVE to have some form of insemination. We planned to go with our best shot, IVF with ICSI. I started my Lupron injections and after six days with no period, I took a pregnancy test on a whim. IT WAS POSITIVE. I have now passed the 20-week mark, and so far, we have a healthy baby boy coming in September. We are still stunned, but I want to say that treatment can work. I’m not sure if it was my husband’s combination of treatment with the vitamins that our RE prescribed or what, but something clicked. I can’t remember if you’ve ever said what condition your husband has, but it really sounds like what my husband went through. I look forward to reading more of your exciting news!!!!

    • Thanks, Amy. It does sound pretty similar. My husband has hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. I have no idea if he had sperm before he went on testosterone replacement therapy at age 16, but as long as I’ve known him he hasn’t had any, due to the testosterone injections. I’m so happy that after all that time of not doing anything, his junk is finally working!

      Congrats on your pregnancy! Best of luck!

      • Hi Daryl. Yes, it sounds like your husband’s diagnosis is the likely same as my husband’s. He was diagnosed at age 15 and started testosterone replacement therapy at 16 also. About three years ago we started looking into our options and tried various things along the way until receiving success with Novarel and Gonal-F injections every other day. Along with that the RE told him to start taking Vitamin E, Co-Q 10 and Selenium to aid with sperm health and motility. Best of luck to you both! Again, congrats on the news!

  4. This is so exciting!! 10 swimmers. All you need is one or two and you’ve got yourself a baby! You must be thrilled. Congrats to the hubby. And don’t think you were being silly for thinking you were pregnant. It’s what we all think and what we’re all hoping for. Nice work! Good luck with the possible move to a place where IVF is covered. That would be awesome.

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  6. OMIGOD! OMIGOD! OMIGOD! OMIGOD! Oh, WOW!!!! Congratulations!!!!! I’m sorry I’ve been away from the computer all week, but that is the best news to come back to! How amazing! SO very happy for you! Yay!!!!! (I know, exclamation mark overload, but so worth it!)

    • I totally approve of the exclamation overload! I think in this case, it’s absolutely warranted! Thanks so much for your support! (See, I did it too.)

  7. Congratulations– just found you via another blog, but this is great news! Hopeful that one way or the other IVF is in your future!

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