A Lovely Little Something

I’m so excited, you guys!  Elizabeth at Bébé Suisse awarded me this:

Isn’t it pretty?

I love Elizabeth’s blog for her humor, tenacity, eloquence (even in her anger), and penchant for gossip magazines.  Plus, she lives in Switzerland, which I find fascinating, and she speaks French!  How cool is that?  She also leaves some of the best comments.  I have literally laughed out loud reading some of her comments.

Here’s the five-step process to follow after being given this award: 

  • Share who gave it to you with a link back to their blog.  Check.
  • Write down seven random facts about yourself.
  • Give this award to fifteen other bloggers.
  • Let them know they’ve won.
  • Pop the award on your blog.

Seven random facts about me:

1.  I have a scar on my right eyebrow that I got from chasing a boy.  I was in the 3rd grade, and said boy was making fun of my friend Missy and me.  I don’t even remember what he said, but it made us mad enough to chase him.  He cut across the baseball field.  As I was catching up, he flung the chain-link gate back, right into my face.  At first, I was upset about the fact that he had popped one of the lenses out of my glasses and I couldn’t see.  Then I noticed the blood pouring from my face.  I had to walk to the nurse’s office with my hand over my face, gushing blood, right past my sister, Zappa, who was then in 1st grade.  She started bawling as soon as she saw me.  It was an ordeal.  Then I had to get 11 stitches, and I may have passed out somewhere in there, either from the blood or the pain, or both.

2.  I became a great-aunt at the ripe old age of 19.  My niece, who is only 7 months younger than me, had a baby boy about a month before her 19th birthday.  He is now 14 years old.

3.  Sylvia Plath is one of my favorite poets/writers.  I read The Bell Jar when I was in high school and fantasized that maybe one day I would be crazy enough to write as well as her.

4.  Hubby and I got married in a museum dedicated to the art and science of hot air ballooning.  Neither of us has ever actually been inside a hot air balloon.

5.  I have 53 “friends” on facebook.  I’m not sure what this says about me.  I am selective?  Bitchy?  Don’t want the whole world to know my bid’niss?  Clearly that’s not an issue, or I wouldn’t be writing this blog.  Except.  Very few of you actually know who I am, and I have seen/talked to each and every one of my facebook friends in person.

6.  Despite the fact that I am approximately 5′ 11″, I have never excelled at basketball, volleyball, or any other sport at which people assume I would excel due to my height.  In fact, I am quite clumsy and awkward.

7.  I am one of seven children.  There are seven years between my next oldest sibling and me.  We were both born in the 70s.

And here are my choices for this award.  It’s difficult to narrow it down, but I’ll do my best.  In no particular order:

1.  Jeanette @ The Fertility Circus.  She’s smart.  She’s funny.  She’s learning to let go.
2.  Play It All Night Long.  I love her rock ‘n roll soul and fierce independence.
3.  Lisa @ Hapa Hopes.  She cracks me up!  And she’s in the middle of a two week wait, so go send her some love!
4.  swankylady @ Cystic and Optimistic.  Supportive, hopeful, optimistic.  Even when it’s hard.
5.  marwil @ Writing for Life.  She’s using photography and writing to deal with the loss of her beautiful Samuel, which I think is pretty darn amazing.
6.  Audrey @ Building a Family Through Donor Insemination.  It’s a mouthful, but it’s paying off!
7.  eighteenyears.  Even after a failed cycle, she’s seeing the humor in life.
8.  sass @ (In)Fertility Unexplained.  Also in the midst of a two week wait.  Keep the love coming!
9.  Jo @ MoJo Working.  So honest.  So raw.  So strong.
10.  mrs. brightside.  After so much heartbreak, she’s starting to hit some pretty wonderful firsts!
11.  Kimberly @ If You Don’t Stand For Something.  Geek-girl extraordinaire (and I mean that in the best possible way!).
12.  Bleeding Tulip, who got a BFP while in limbo, waiting to start fertility treatments.  So give her lots of good wishes!
13.  Not-So-Fertile Girl.  Taking charge of her fertility.  And making me laugh along the way.
14.  Le Factoire.  I love her dry sense of humor, and the anxiety–oh, the anxiety!–who doesn’t get that? 
15.  msfertility @ Are You Kidding Me?!  Go to wish her luck with her pregnancy; stay for the crazy stories about her mom!

Now, to go let all these ladies know how much I appreciate them and figure out how to get this lovely logo a permanent place on my blog.  Happy weekend, everyone!  And thanks for all the positive comments on my last post.  I’m feeling good about this!

22 thoughts on “A Lovely Little Something

  1. Thanks for the award, it is very pretty indeed! and wow, seven siblings, that’s a big family. Ha, as the younger sister I had a similar experience watching my oldest sister fall and bleed heavily, I thought she would die, it was so horrible to witness.

    • You’re welcome.

      Yeah, I think it traumatized my little sister, poor thing. Maybe she thought I was going to die, too. I think that would be so much worse than being the one bleeding.

  2. I was just doing some random blog reading and saw this before you even got a hold of me. I feel so special! *squeeeeeeee!!!!!*

    I love that you’re pick about your Facebook friends. I hold that if I don’t have some kind of relationship with you OUTSIDE of Facebook, I don’t want you IN my Facebook.

    I’m known as the Facebook Nazi.

    About once every 6 months I go through and clean out my friends list.

    Here here for being picky on Facebook!

    • You’re welcome. And I’m so glad to know someone else who doesn’t have hundreds of “friends” on facebook. Facebook Nazi. That is too funny. When I was living in a house with four other girls in college, we had a Nazi for everything. Mail Nazi, refrigerator Nazi. Eek, I’m probably using that word way too many times in this comment. I’m going to get all kinds of weird searches on my blog. 🙂

      • Hmmm… Well there was “i want a baby but my marriage sucks”. (Made me worry about that woman)
        Then there was “sexhubster(dot)com” (no, I’ve never gone to that website. Ew.)
        And the head-scratcher of “harry potter funny so i did his sister” (Not really sure what that person was looking for???)

        Maybe you’ll get some funny hits from that stuff now too!

  3. why, thank you ma’ dear! you are too sweet. i must confess i’m not the best at carrying these things forward (especially lately when I can barely string 2 coherent thoughts together, especially where one of those isn’t a curse word) but i still appreciate the shout-out! and I love you gave a little description of everyone – I’m looking forward to checking out these blogs!

    • You’re very welcome. No worries if you don’t pass it on. Just wanted to make sure I gave a little shout out to some of my favorite people!

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  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 😀 Thanks for including me and for thinking I’m funny! I don’t know how it comes across on the page, but I have a dry sense of humor in real life, and not everyone gets it. I’m super excited to check out the blogs you listed that I don’t already follow, figure out how to put that nifty logo on my page, and spread the blog love!

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