All Hubby, All the Time

Thanks for tuning back in to the Hubby channel.  Our regularly scheduled programming will resume as soon as we have news and/or a plan.

Until then, it’s all about Hubby.

His thoughts on his recent insomnia:
“When I get a job, I will sleep like a baby.  And when we have a baby, I’ll probably sleep at my job.”

I would love for him to get a job.  Like, really, really soon.  Not only for his well-being and sense of worth.  Selfishly, I need him to get a job so I can quit mine.  Oh, yeah, and so we can move forward with IVF.

But, you know, well-being and self-worth and all that, too.

Poor Hubby.  He’s been working so hard.  Just to get a job.  I think once he actually has one, the workload will decrease dramatically.

Totally unrelated, we’ve been hit by the mothpocalypse lately.  Normally, Hubby doesn’t do well with bugs.  They creep him out a little.  He usually makes me kill them, which I hate because I don’t mind some bugs, especially spiders, unless I convince myself they’re covered with germs or are likely to crawl through my ear canal and into my brain.

But since the moth invasion, Hubby’s been on a mission.  He is out to get every last one of those moths, even though I would rather let them flit around the lights until their short life span comes to a natural end.  Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed a moth on the wall, right above my pillow.  I debated about calling Hubby, but because of the ear canal thing, I decided I’d let him take care of it.

He chased that thing around, swatting at it mid-air, for a good fifteen minutes (okay, maybe not that long, but I was already in bed at this point, and it seemed to take forever when all I really wanted was to go to sleep).  Lesson learned?  I should have let Cat go after the moth instead of Hubby.  She probably would have been more efficient.

(Even now, he’s looking around, searching for moths to attack!)

Stay tuned for our next episode: the engagement story!

20 thoughts on “All Hubby, All the Time

  1. Aw, poor hubby, he’s trying to be all manly and slaughter big, scary, dangerous moths for you, and you think the cat could do it better? Poor poor hubby!
    He sounds very sweet and I love his insight on the insomnia-baby situation!

    • I thought, after I posted this, maybe his testosterone really is on the rise and that’s why he’s been so into killing things! Cat wouldn’t necessarily be any better at it, but there are so many cat-like things she just isn’t good at. Chasing bugs is actually her best skill!

      And Hubby’s comment made me laugh. Hard. Maybe it was the way he said it, but I just had to share.

  2. My hard ass biker boy has a massive phobia of wasps. Not a dislike, an actual freak out phobia. I think his mum used to freak out about insects in front of him and he caught it. I hope he finds something soon so you can get the plan on track.

    • Thanks. If he doesn’t get something soon, we do have a back-up plan, but I have to admit, I’m not thrilled about it. Either way, I hope we’ll be starting IVF in a few months.

  3. We went through the whole job search thing last year. For BG it wasn’t insomnia, but acid reflux. It’s funny how our bodies deal with stress! I hope his luck turns around very soon. (Oh, and BG does not do bugs, especially spiders. What’s with these boys?)

  4. Oh poor guy! I’m also a bit of a bug phob (spiders specifically; especially when their bodies are bigger than my thumb). I’ve been looking into a vacuum attachment in order to deal with the situation better, but still know that they need to be out of the house, otherwise no one will be sleeping.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

    • If there was a spider that big in my house, I’d freak out, too. The vacuum thing sounds like a great idea. On one of our early dates, I actually killed a black widow just outside Hubby’s front door. Ever since then, he’s made me the bug killer!

  5. We just had mothpocalypse here. They finally left sometime in the past week. Now I know where they went! I totally hear you on the ear canal thing…I always think the bugs are going to crawl/fly/hop/slither into my mouth. Which would be the end of the world.

    • So you sent them our way, huh? Yeah, you hear those awful stories about bugs going into people’s mouths or noses, and it just grosses me out. Even though most of those stories probably aren’t true. Still, ick!

  6. Our hubbies are in similar situations about jobs. Some days I find myself wishing he would just get something, anything. But then I realize in the long run that wouldn’t be the best choice. We can live on what we have now – but its hard to not feel partially still on hold while we wait

    • I know, right? Like anything would be better than nothing. But I know he wouldn’t be happy doing just anything, and if I plan to stay home with future children, Hubby’s gotta be happy!

  7. Eww! Moths! You are not alone in the bug fearing husband department! If there’s one in the house, he’s hollering at the dog for not doing “her job.” Can’t wait for the engagement story!

  8. My Hubs is searching for work too! Stupid HR departments passing him over. One day they will have their comeuppance – something evil and painful… like searching for a job! And may those HR peeps that aren’t hiring your husband share the same fate!

    • Good luck with your husband’s job search! I know it sucks to get one rejection letter after another. Or sometimes nothing at all. Hopefully both our husbands get good news soon!

  9. Your cat was really indulging your husband, letting him have a go at the moth for so long. Mine would not have been able to restrain himself – not that he’s a lean mean moth-killing machine or anything.

    An insect flew into my ear once. I was convinced for days afterwards that it was still inside – I could just feeeeel it in there. But nothing ever came out. So ether it’s embedded into my brain or it was never there for more than a second to begin with.

    • Insect + ear = total freak-out! Just the thought of it sends shives down my spine!

      I’m sure Cat was silently judging Hubby’s moth hunting techniques. She did take a few swats at it when it was flitting around the lamp, but then she “let” Hubby take over!

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