Or TRB–Total Raving Bitch–which is what I feel like today.  I hate days like today, when nothing seems to go right, even the things that go right, and every. little. thing. can set me off.  I get terrible road rage on days like today, screaming at no one but myself.  Because I’m in such a shitty mood, this post is going to be short and not very sweet.  And in bullets because I can’t string together two coherent thoughts.  Here are a few of the triggers and consequences of my foul mood today:

  • At a home visit, a mom kept saying stupid things like, “Doesn’t it make you just want to have a bunch of kids?” and “I bet you want six of your own, huh?  Just kidding,” when her kids were running around the house like little maniacs.  This mom has five, and frankly, I don’t blame the kids for their behavior at all.  I was trying to ignore it as best I could, but she just kept making those comments, and at one point, I wanted to scream, “Look, lady, I’m sorry you’ve got a houseful of little brats.  The only reason I don’t have six of my own right now is because I can’t.  But if I did, they’d act a whole lot better than your little monsters!”  Okay, I may be a bitch, but at this point, I still need my job.  Plus, I know how to behave in a way that is socially appropriate.
  • Unless I’m in my car.  Then I go completely apeshit, slamming the steering wheel, screaming at the top of my lungs, even though I’m the only one that can hear my insane ranting.  Slow drivers piss me off.  People who refuse to use a turn signal piss me off.  People driving faster than me piss me off.  Basically, I would be happy if I had the road completely to myself.
  • One of my coworkers was complaining, yet again, about her boy troubles.  I have no sympathy at this point.  I’ve heard it all before from her.  Suck it up, lady.  Move on.
  • Then I come home to my husband, who has done nothing to deserve my ire, and snip at him for no reason whatsoever.  Just because I can.  Poor Hubby.
  • Oh, and there’s pretty much no chance I’m pregnant.

And then I think, What the hell?  There are so many worse things that could be happening in my life right now.  Nothing is particularly wrong, but nothing is going particularly well, either.  Maybe if I just let out in one, long, sustained scream? 


Nope.  Still feel like shit.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.


22 thoughts on “PMS?

  1. **runs up, give you big hugs, drops of package of dark dark chocolate and runs away before you hit me**

    Just kidding. Im late with the package, but I promise its coming.

  2. Shower cry. You need a good shower cry.

    I hate the questions and dumb ass comments from families, but to be sitting in their homes? Girl. You deserve a bottle of wine. Or three.

    • Two excellent suggestions! I know. I’ve been thinking lately that you and I, in retrospect, may have chosen the wrong careers, given our current situations. Dealing with other people and their children on a daily basis? No thanks.

  3. Ditto. I had one of those days, too. I had a freaking breakdown b/c the can opener wouldn’t work. It was #1,000 of small things that just wouldn’t go my way. Then I got upset at myself b/c there are a lot worse things. But bad days and pain are relative. And short tempers are a symptom of IF that never seems to leave us. Our poor Hubbies. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you chica!!

  4. I’ve definitely had these days too. They usually end with me hiding under the covers to protect BG from my madness. Or cleaning, but that kinda makes me mad too.

    I hope today is a little bit brighter.

  5. Shower cry or a sad movie cry is good also …. tons of chocolate and Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream of choice ……. a friend who understands or a blog that doesn’t judge ….. and bloggers who understand….

    Happy ICLW from #3 🙂

  6. I needed my job as a school counselor and hated it when I had to report child abuse. I could act professional when parent’s confronted me, but I would be fuming inside and have a good cry when I got home. So not fair! Hope you have better days ahead.

    • Thank you! Sometimes I wish I worked in a tiny, windowless cubicle instead of with families! I’m sure a good cry would do me a lot of good!

  7. That totally reminds me of the time this super-pregnant-with-twins lady was complaining about how uncomfortable she was and how awful being pregnant was. (I tell this story a lot, so just pretend like you haven’t heard it before!) I gently suggested that there were many people who would love to be in her place and explained how my husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for years. Her response? “Well why don’t you do what I did? Just take a bunch of coke and get drunk! That’s how we got pregnant!”

    I thought I deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for not ripping out her jugular. Instead, I just looked up at the sky and said to myself, “Really, God? Really?”

    I hope you’re feeling better now, chickie – and if you’re not, that’s okay, too 😉

  8. Ugh! I’ve been there!! In fact, every single month I’m there. lol I usually find comfort in a big, warm, gooey brownie at the end of the day.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Look forward to following!

  9. Sounds oh so achingly familiar!Hope the crazy eases off a little so you can catch your breath…Gluten Free 70% dark chocolate brownies have been known to save lives – tell hubby this in a very pointed way so he knows in future.

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