And a happy ‘versary of sorts.

It’s my sixth monthiversary of blogging.

When we were dating, Hubby used to remind me of all our monthiversaries.  Even if we didn’t celebrate, it was nice to know he was keeping track.  A couple of years ago, he sneaked into my laptop and changed my desktop image to a picture of us with the words “Happy Fourthiversary” for our fourth wedding anniversary.  I haven’t changed it since.  We’re all about ‘versaries around here.

Six months ago, when I wrote my first blog post, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to make this blog public.  I was in a dark place and didn’t feel ready to share that with the world.  But I’m glad I did because it has introduced me to a community of (mostly) women who are strong, brave, compassionate, honest, uplifting, and sometimes hilarious.  And it was just what I needed.

Just in the last six months, I’ve seen dreams fulfilled, hearts broken, hands held, joy shared, and pieces of a life carefully glued back together.

In our own journey, I don’t feel like we’ve gotten very far.  I still have a lot of “I nevers” to cross off my list.  But we have seen improvement.  It’s slow, but it’s there.  And all of you have cheered us on.  Thank you for that.

I’m so grateful for this community.  I’ve never been good at expressing emotions.  I’m just not the ooey-gooey, touchy-feely type.  But I hope I’ve been as much a source of support for all of you as you have been for me.

In celebration of six months, I give you six things that made me smile in the last two days:

1.  YOU.  All of you reading this right now, and especially those who’ve offered comments and support and birthday wishes during my current low.  You are a big part of what’s gotten me through the past six months.
2.  My wonderful husband.  One of the birthday presents he gave me was a copy of The Diaries of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain.  Inside, he wrote me a poem.  I asked his permission, and he’s allowing me to share it here.  Please forgive his imperfect English:

The evolution of birthdays

When Adam was the first man on earth,
He never thought he will celebrate his birth,
After all, he was the only one of his kind,
Despite searching, nobody else he could find.

God felt really sorry and pity,
She wanted her creatures to be happy,
So Eve was quickly created,
And fashionably with a fig leaf decorated.

The first birthday was very intimate,
Only Eve was there to celebrate,
But they really had good time partying,
What else when you have Garden of Eden catering?

Since then birthdays are happily celebrated,
Although most of the time people are less naked,
And though Eden was shut down for renovations, long time ago,
There is always a chance to get there at the end of the show.

3.  We did an evaluation at work yesterday, and the kid didn’t qualify.  This makes me happy for two reasons:  a) I don’t have a single square inch on my calendar into which I could have squeezed him, and b) it’s so nice to see a typical kid every now and then!
4.  Speaking of work, the new family I visited today was fabulous.  And the little boy–oh my goodness.  White-blonde hair, blue eyes, and the chubbiest cheeks I’ve seen in quite a while.  But it was the facial expressions that were killing me.  No wonder he doesn’t talk–this kid speaks volumes without saying a word.
5.  I still have two new (to me) episodes of Community on my DVR.  I have to stretch this shit out until my summer shows start!
6.  This:


What made you smile today?


11 thoughts on “And a happy ‘versary of sorts.

  1. What made me smile …. lunch on the back patio with my husband. Warm sunshine. Good sammys. Also laughed when my dog chased a squirrel for a good twenty minutes. She’s crazy, but hysterical. Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy 6 months!!!
    I completely ❤ the poem. Your husband sounds like a great guy. Sensitive. Funny. Supportive. You may have stated elsewhere, but what country is he from?

    • Thank you! Hubby is all of those things and more! I’ve been careful not to say where he’s from on my blog, to protect his privacy from anyone who might somehow put all the little bits and pieces together. Let’s just say it’s well east of here.

      • Oh i never thought of that, I totally understand! Hope it didn’t come across as nosy, I’ve always wanted to live in another country so I love talking with people about their experiences.

  3. I am reading this smiling over a plate of toast slathered with Sevillan orange marmalade that we brought back with us from Granada … mmm.

    I love your husband’s birthday poem. Like many things my own no n-native-speaker says, I think the imperfect English only makes more perfect what is being said. And finally,congratulations on achieving your six-month blogoversary! Perhaps you need one of these to help you count down the remaining six months to the true anniversary?

  4. Yay! Happy sixmonthiversary! I’m so glad you’re here and writing! I’m so hormonal, I just read the description of the video and started tearing up. I would not survive watching it!
    What made me smile (and gasp) today was finding out my baby measures 11 inches! I had to take out a ruler just to make sure… and nearly fainted! It’s beyond surreal.

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