Sunday Morning

Things have been a little slow in blogland this weekend.  I’ve been a little slow myself, which is just what I needed to recharge after a long week at work.  This morning, I had an eclair (yum!) and coffee for breakfast, Hubby and I watched Ever After, a movie I had almost forgotten is one of my all-time faves, and now I’m watching the French Open, hoping Nadal can win just one more set before the court gets too soupy.

(As a side note, I love Nadal and all his quirks.  He often seems uncomfortable, pulling at his underwear, rubbing his nose, pushing his unruly hair behind his ears, usually in sequence.  I became a fan when he was the underdog, facing the then-unstoppable Federer, and getting made fun of for wearing capris.  But I’ve always loved an underdog story.)

I’ve been enjoying my weekend of nothing, but also making plans for later this summer.  Remember this?  How I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to reminisce with my sister with some washed-up 90s bands?  Well, it’s happening.  I just bought the plane ticket, and we are so doing this!

The problem, or potential problem, is that I’ll be leaving Hubby home by himself for a week.  While I’m sure he’s perfectly capable of giving himself the four injections he’ll need in my absense, he would rather not.  I can’t exactly blame him.  It’s not easy to give yourself a shot in the ass.  But now we’re not sure what to do, where he might be able to go, or whom he can ask to give him these injections.  Any suggestions?

I actually do have a list of things I need to accomplish today.  And I need a list to ensure I get something done, otherwise I very well could spend all day on the couch.  So I’ll leave you with not one, but two songs.  I’ll get my groove on real quick and then go wash some dishes.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. Yay for making plans! That sounds so fun 🙂
    As for you hubby: my husband basically told me if I had needed injectable medications, he wouldn’t have helped me (not because he doesn’t care- because the idea of shoving a needle in me made him physically ill). So I guess I would come from a place of tough love. “I love you, but you are a strong, capable adult who can figure this out. I believe in you!”

    No matter what, you guys will figure it out!

  2. So glad you’re making the trip! It’s gotta be hard for a guy to find someone to give him his injections. The doctor thing seems like a good try. There are also some You Tube videos on how to inject yourself in the bootie. I was contemplating just doing my own on a recent trip.

    And I love the new layout, BTW.

    • Thanks, Lisa! I remember you writing about who was going to give you injections on your trip. You’re lucky you got a volunteer. Hubby might be able to do it himself, but I think he’s a little freaked out about the idea and said “I trust you more than I trust myself.” Which made me feel kind of good, but still, it’s a problem.

      I’m so excited about my trip in July!

  3. I’m glad things are working out with your sister!

    About the shots, I think a doc office will do it too…but I also think your fella can do it himself. Maybe he can do his arm instead of his butt? That might be less disconcerting…

    • I don’t think he can do it in his arm because it’s a 1.5 inch needle, but I suggested he try it in his thigh, and he looked at me like I was nuts! I’m leaving it up to him to find someone else to do it.

  4. I love Ever After too! The actress who plays the sister is perfect. And I need some new summer shows – any suggestions?? And the trip with your sister sounds like an awesome thing to look forward to and help pass the time while you guys wait, wait, wait… I was a total wimp with my injections so I understand your husband’s nerves. Any close friends that might be up to it? It’s asking a lot, but shit, that’s what friends are for. Maybe a friend that’s a nurse?

    • Okay–my summer shows are kind of dark comedies, but that’s what I like–Louie and Wilfred, both on FX. Hubby and I also watch Falling Skies on TNT, if you’re into alien sci-fi stuff.

      I think it’s hard for Hubby to find someone to give him injections because he doesn’t really talk about it much with friends. He had his brother do it when he was visiting them, but that was only because he had also given his wife injections when they were doing fertility treatments, so he trusted him. He’ll figure it out.

  5. My husband does his own shots (because although I stuck a bunch of needles in my own belly, it icks me out to think of doing it to him!) in his thigh. He uses a 1.5 inch needle too. He says it doesn’t hurt and it’s easy because he can see what he’s doing.

      • I figured he could still do it, even with the 1.5 inch needle, but I don’t think he’s going to be up for that. I even offered to have him try it when I’m here to supervise, since he said he trusts me to do it more than himself, but he didn’t like that suggestion, either. So I’m leaving it up to him to find a solution–I’m done offering.

  6. I love your new design, and that you’re making fun plans.

    Do you have any nurse friends that can help while you’re out of town? I’m sure if you really can’t find another solution, he’ll be able to do them himself, but I totally understand not wanting to! Good luck.

    • Thanks!

      I work with a nurse, but he’s never even met her, so I don’t think he’s dying to have her inject hormones into his ass! Since he has rejected all my suggestions about how to make it easier to inject himself, I’m just going to make him figure it out himself! 😉

  7. What, hubby can’t just pop next door, syringe in hand, and ask for a little neighborly assistance?

    Kidding. But the doctor/nurse ideas above sound good to me, too. As does your 90s hits concert with your sister. Awesome!

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