Again.  Which means, for the second time in a row, I’ve had a 22 day cycle.  Last time, I thought it was a fluke, and it pissed me off.  Now I’m starting to worry.

Now that Hubby’s crazy conference weekend is over, he called to schedule his next SA, a week from today, and he’ll get blood drawn this Saturday.   He told me today he’s “shooting for 1000.”  Pun intended.  By him, not me.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get the results.  Meanwhile, I’m wondering if there’s something I should do to get these abnormally short cycles checked out.  Or if it even matters, since I keep telling myself we’re headed for IVF anyway.  Is it possible for a sense of hopelessness and futility to contribute to fucked-up cycles?  Any thoughts?

Also, Hubby really needs a job.  Still.  Nothing in that department has changed.

Geez, I’m a joy to be around tonight.  Sorry about that.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.


25 thoughts on “CD2

  1. Stress can do funky things to your body. And between worrying about his SA and work situation… Well, it’s possible that’s a contributing factor. BUT – the last thing you need to do is worry about worrying lol. As you said: you already know your headed for IVF. I tended to have shorter-then-average cycles, that was just my norm. The very best thing you can do is take care of yourself; physically, emotionally, spiritually. You have an amazing husband and you two as a team can get through anything!

    • Thanks. I hope that’s all it is. I’ve had 23 day cycles in the past, but somehow this feels so much shorter, even though it’s just a day! I hope things will even out soon.

  2. It could be the stress – you do have a lot on your mind! But it could also be worth getting checked out – even if you’re headed for IVF anyway, the more certainty you have going into the process that there aren’t other complicating factors, the better. Just be sure to find a more sympathetic ear than the one I first turned to!

    • Thanks for the advice. We already have an RE. I was thinking of calling their office, just to see if there’s any kind of testing they can do, or if it’s even necessary.

  3. Totally not alone. Looks like hubby is leaving on Wednesday so I’m not much fun to be around either. What’s the term? Misery loves company? Hi, I’m company. Or you can be company, I don’t mind playing misery 🙂

  4. I’m with Bleeding Tulip and Elizabeth: stress can totally cause this. As for the job hunt, I feel your pain and anxiety 100% I’m here if you need to vent about this one. (big hugs)

    • I know you know exactly what this silly job-hunting business is all about! How long was Mr. Husband looking before this recent good news?

  5. I’m sorry hon ;-(
    I think it’s worth checking out. Better to know what’s going on with the plumbing. It may also help to raise the chances of a successful IVF. Justu two cents. Hugs!

  6. Others have already mentioned this, but it’s probably stress. My two cycles before our first IUI were really short, too…I think 23 and 24 days. I asked the RE about it before the iui and she just said that they tend to stress people out so she wasn’t concerned about the short cycles since I typically have normal ones.

  7. I had the same thing! Two very short cycles in a row. It really messes with your head. I think it could be stress. For me, the by-products of stress tend to manifest themselves a period or two later down the road. I finally had a 24 day cycle, which tends to be normal for me when I’m off the IF drugs.

    • I’m glad your cycles went back to normal. Mine are usually about 24 days, too. But I also have a rare 26 day cycle, which happened just before the first of these short cycles. So things are just all out of whack for some reason. I hope they get back to normal–for me–soon!

  8. Short cycles arent really an issue as long as you are ovulating. It could be stress like so many here have mentioned, it could be a lot of things but its still within the normal range so, id try not to worry about it too much. 🙂

  9. I’m going to go with stress, but just in case… Which end is short? Pre or post O? Either way I guess it will be totally controlled in an IVF cycle. I know you’re worried about your FSH, though. If you did get it tested and it were higher, would it stress you out more?

    • Well, my cycles are normally pretty short, so (I think) I ovulate about day 9 or 10. As far as I can tell, that’s still been the case. I did have a major freak-out last time I got results I didn’t like, so maybe I shouldn’t add to my stress right now! 😉

  10. In theory, I agree with most of the comments about stress. However, Lisa brings up a good point… are you keeping track of your ovulation? It’s possible that these short cycles are anovulatory (which can also be caused by stress). In fact, your mental and emotional state of mind have a HUGE impact on your reproductive system, so it really is in your best interest to stay as calm, peaceful, and positive as humanly possible.

    But to answer your other question, no, you probably don’t need to worry much if you’re going down the IVF part, since the meds will take over your cycle for you. Still… keeping relaxed and positive only helps the process along. I know I sound like a broken-record, but I’ve been there – I promise!

    • I would feel so much better if the rest of our life was settled and we could just move on to IVF already. I’m sure all of that cycle-unrelated stress isn’t helping anything. And I so appreciate advice from those who have been through it all before! Thank you!

  11. I’ve always had short cycles, even when I was a -supposedly- young and fertile teenager. The RE has done about every test on me in the universe — except for my blocked tube, blood clotting, MHTFR, and -maybe-high FSH, I”m fine. I think 22 days is technically normal anyway or close to it. I agree with folks that say check on ovulation — you might try a few months of the OPK madness and see how that goes. Or… with IVF it won’t matter anyways. I think this comment said a lot of nothing. Sorry it’s sucky right now, and I hope DH gets a great report.

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