July poem

To a father not yet made A piece of you exists.  It cannot be pinned down, cannot swim, cannot climb.  It has no limb nor eye nor tooth. We will meet in a laboratory, in the hollow space of a needle, after our bodies have gone.  We will make a life outside ourselves. She will […]


Nature abhors a vacuum. I hate cleaning house.  I mean hate it.  Fortunately for me, I saw this fantastic super-easy solution to getting all my housework done on Clay Baboons.  Unfortunately for me, setting the alarm seems like so much work. I did manage to wash some dishes today (in the sink because this house […]

I want this man to be a father.

So, we’re sitting here watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and as the parade of nations begins, Hubby says, “This is such a great way to learn about countries.  I can’t wait to teach our kids.  I can picture sitting here and talking about all the countries, breaking out the maps….” This is after […]


First of all, the wedding was absolutely beautiful.  I cried.  I and S are so obviously in love.  They have a gorgeous daughter.  I’m so glad the nation’s capital recognizes their love and commitment and honors their right to marry whom they choose. The number of family members who showed up for this occasion was […]

The One

Six years ago today, I married the love of my life. We’re spending our anniversary in Washington, DC, the day after celebrating another marriage in the family.  Our own wedding day was amazing, but it was just one day.  Our life together, before and since our wedding, has been what makes each day–whether we’re celebrating […]

Bits and Pieces

No, I have not broken into a million of them (yet).  I do have some distractions in my life, at the moment, to keep that from happening: We’re leaving town again.  Hubby’s cousin and his partner (I and S) are traveling cross-country, from California to DC, to get married where it’s actually legal.  I hate […]


Anyone watch Breaking Bad last night?  Don’t worry, I won’t give anything away. Except to say that my husband pointed out, during this episode, that where we are–and I’m just going to assume he meant both our current place of residence and the situation we are in, even though he said only one of those […]


A while back, kerryalina at Bikram Butterflies finished a challenge she had set for herself and wrote this post about it.  In it, she says: “But as this challenge has proved, I am capable of so much more than I believe – inside the hot room and outside of it.  Now I just have to acknowledge that […]

Summerland 2012

July 8, 2012, for four glorious hours, Zappa and I witnessed the best of what former 90s legends could scrape together for a summer tour 15 years past their prime.  The venue was, uh, small, but we did manage to trade in our reserved seats for up-close-and-personal general admission tickets.  Which was only about half-full […]