Summerland 2012

July 8, 2012, for four glorious hours, Zappa and I witnessed the best of what former 90s legends could scrape together for a summer tour 15 years past their prime.  The venue was, uh, small, but we did manage to trade in our reserved seats for up-close-and-personal general admission tickets.  Which was only about half-full when we arrived.  I drank beer–beer, people–which generally does not happen, and Zappa and I both got a little tipsy.  We danced and sang at the top of our lungs, to the point of nearly losing our voices–or, at least, losing the ability to hear our own voices.  But it was friggin’ amazing.  I give you Summerland Tour 2012.  Starring:

Marcy Playground…

…in all their pudgy glory.

Marcy Playground opened.  You know Marcy Playground.  They were famous for all those songs, like “Sex and Candy” and…um…well, I guess that’s it.  At least, that was the only song I knew.  And look at these photos (all taken by Zappa with her phone, btw).  Don’t they just scream sex and candy?

Next up, Lit.  I had to scratch my head for a minute to figure out who these guys even were.  But their performance was much more energetic, which made all the head-scratching totally worth it.  Zappa and I rocked out, even if we didn’t know the words to most of their songs.  (Okay, I knew some of the words.  Remember “You make me come.  You make me complete.  You make me completely miserable”?  Apparently that’s Lit.)


This guy just refused to keep his shirt on. But at least he’s not pudgy.

Middle of the show, and my favorite, by far–Gin Blossoms.  Yay!  Robin Wilson (and yes, I had to look up his name) handed out white plastic tambourines to the crowd, and I sang along with every. single. song.  It was awesome.

Gin Blossoms!

The aforementioned Robin Wilson singing “Hey, Jealousy” into someone’s voicemail. Lucky.

Then came the moment we’d all been waiting for.  Or, you know, not so much.  Sugar Ray.  If I could have just skipped it, I would have, but somehow it would have made our concert-going experience incomplete.  Plus, we were in the middle of chatting up a man who looked to be an accountant, who apparently knew the Gin Blossoms’ drummer, and who also seemed very excited for the next performers.  So we hung around, pretended to sing along un-ironically, and rolled our eyes only slightly.

Douchebaggery at its finest.

And finally, the headliners (if only by virtue of being last), Everclear.  They weren’t terrible, although the sound guy should have been fired because I couldn’t understand a word Art Alexakis was saying/singing.  Good thing I knew a lot of the words on my own.  The pinnacle of our concert-going experience happened during this set, when a fight nearly broke out because some drunk idiot (large, drunk idiot, I should mention) kept flicking beer into the crowd, and someone had the nerve to call him on it and kindly ask him to stop being such a jerk.  Zappa tried to defuse the situation by attempting to dance with one of the would-be fighters, only to have his girlfriend threaten to kick her ass.  We stayed out of it after that.


And Lit. At least he put a shirt on.

Oh, but the very best part was that the lead singer of Lit kept playing air guitar.  During his own set.  And during Everclear’s.  It was pretty fantastic.


10 thoughts on “Summerland 2012

    • It was definitely fun. I woke up the next day with Gin Blossoms songs in my head, but after writing this, I can’t get that Lit song out of my head–the first three lines, anyway!

    • I don’t believe I ever said anything of the sort. Just stating a fact that some of these guys were pudgy, as evidenced by photos. On my blog. Which is my absolute right. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Loved the Gin Blossoms in the 90s. Along with the Spin Doctors, and The Wall Flowers and Pearl Jam. *I was living in Seattle in the early 90s* Also love Everclear but Art is actually a high school teacher now who I see at Starbucks in Pasadena sometimes. I will always love “Father of Mine” though.

    How much amazing fun did you guys have! I’m sure it was a much needed breath of fresh air! I’m a little jelly actually.

    • He was behind us in line at the box office while we were exchanging our tickets. He was all “hey, I know the drummer from the Gin Blossoms,” and my sister and I were like, “Really? Because you don’t look like you know any kind of drummer, except maybe in a marching band.” Turns out that A) it’s not the original drummer and B) they’ve known each other since they were about 15. We actually saw the drummer come out after their set and hug the guy!

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