Bits and Pieces

No, I have not broken into a million of them (yet).  I do have some distractions in my life, at the moment, to keep that from happening:

  • We’re leaving town again.  Hubby’s cousin and his partner (I and S) are traveling cross-country, from California to DC, to get married where it’s actually legal.  I hate that they have to do that, but I am looking forward to the wedding.  I haven’t seen this cousin since our wedding, 6 years ago, and there are other extended family members on Hubby’s side that I’ll finally get to meet.
  • There will be children present.  A lot of Hubby’s cousins have teenagers already, but there are a few young ones, too.  We visited the area last year and stayed with one of his cousins who had, at the time, an almost-6-month-old, who will now be about 18 months.  I and S have an 8-month-old (born via surrogacy).  I can’t wait to meet her, and maybe I’ll get to talk with them a little bit about the whole experience and about her stay in the NICU.  (She was born at 30 weeks.)  I’ll have to be sneaky about it, though.  I don’t think Hubby wants his cousins to know about our infertility.  But the whole NICU thing is totally related to my job, so I’ll just take that route.
  • My husband is adorable, you guys.  Tonight, after returning home from a solo foraging expedition, he reminded me (for at least the second time) that he can’t wait to have “our girls” in the back seat of the car so that he can chat with them while he’s driving.  Something about being in the car with so much going on around him that he would just have to share it.  He also determined that the part in my hair is a parabola and he’s just dying to teach our daughters such things.  “Age-appropriate, of course.”
  • Also, he’s become deeply fascinated with his balls.  He swears every day that they’re getting bigger, and therefore producing much more sperm.  He’s back in the wouldn’t-it-be-cool-if-we-got-you-pregnant-without-IVF mind set. Which is, if not realistic, fun.  We actually had a conversation the other night that went something like this: Hubby: “Think of all the money we’d save!”  Me:  “We’d have a down-payment on a house.”  Hubby:  “Yeah.” (wheels turning behind his eyes)  Me: “It would actually be the financially responsible thing to do.”  So we’ve been trying again–just in case.  Hard to believe that attempts at baby-making are a distraction these days.

3 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Distraction is bliss! Keeping busy is the only way I get through some days. And so glad that your hubby is feeling more upbeat and optimistic. I’m sure that makes every day a little bit easier for both of you. And you’re right — he DOES sound adorable!

  2. Oh, that is so awesome! I love it when my husband talks about what he wants to teach our daughter (he did that before I was pregnant, too) and it’s just adorable and warms the heart in a way that’s impossible to put into words! In his case, it usually involves music… but I’d love to learn where the parabola in my hair is, too – lol.

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