I want this man to be a father.

So, we’re sitting here watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and as the parade of nations begins, Hubby says, “This is such a great way to learn about countries.  I can’t wait to teach our kids.  I can picture sitting here and talking about all the countries, breaking out the maps….”

This is after he gushed about all the nerdy presents he can’t wait to buy his nephews when they’re older, including some kind of kit that allows kids (or adults, if you’re into that kind of thing) to dissect owl vomit.  Really.

Please, please, please, universe, make this man a dad.


14 thoughts on “I want this man to be a father.

  1. Hoping soon he can plan all the neediness for your baby! We did owl pellets in fourth grade..it was disgusting and SO COOL! But I was in fourth grade..not so sure I’d up and dissect owl pellets so willingly now…

  2. Aw, what a sweetie 🙂 I love it when guys talk about their dreams of stuff they want to do with their kids!

    Dissecting owl vomit sounds fascinating to me!!! But maybe that’s all my vet training talking 😉

  3. I’ll join you in begging the universe. He sounds like he’s just the kind of dad every kid needs. I so hope you guys will get your chance! And by the way — your hubby sounds a WHOLE lot like my hubby!

  4. Right there with you on this wish, for both of us! Love that he speaks of it so fondly. You have a great man by your side 🙂

  5. I said the same thing about the countries! I got a major eye-roll from my Hubby about this, though. This from the same man who VOLUNTARILY watched a math conference documentary on Netflix last week! The science teacher on my team does that lab with the owl vomit…the kids love it! 😛 He sounds meant to be a father, so a father he will be someday. Hang in there!

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