Another Peestick First

I bought my first month’s worth of OPKs today.  I’ve now lost two kinds of peestick virginity.

The only problem is I may have gone a little overboard.  I bought the 20 pack, thinking I was getting my money’s worth (plus it comes with a bonus pregnancy test–they’re much more optimistic than I am).  Only to open it up, read the instructions, and see that I’m supposed to throw them away–unused–after 30 days.  Fortunately for me, I have short cycles, so I could probably just squeeze in two cycles of testing, but, even then, I don’t think I’ll use up all 20 strips.  Lesson learned, I guess.

We picked up the tests at the pharmacy.  I generally avoid that place at all costs.  I can’t stand the crowds, the lighting, the ginormity of the place, or the cheap, made-in-China everything.  But it turns out they have the best deal on 25 gauge 1.5 inch needles.  And, supposedly, we can pick them up tomorrow.

Because we’re getting some of Hubby’s meds from another country, they don’t come with syringes or needles.  We were buying extras from the specialty pharmacy where we get his other medication, but they were kind of expensive, as far as needles and syringes go.  He found out he could get the exact same syringes and needles from our local pharmacy for about half the price–which was great, until I noticed they’d given him the wrong needles.

Turns out a 5/8 inch needle isn’t going to cut it for IM injections.  (Don’t worry–we didn’t actually try it.)

So he took them back, and the pharmacy was supposed to order the needles we were after.  We were told we could pick them up on Friday.  That was two Fridays ago.  When we went back yesterday, someone finally told us that if they hadn’t come in yet, they weren’t coming.

The ones we ordered today were even cheaper, so if they come through for us tomorrow, guess where we’ll be buying needles and syringes from now on.

That stupid smiley face (or whatever logo they’re using these days) is mocking me.


12 thoughts on “Another Peestick First

  1. Costco is by far the cheapest place for prescription anything. The bonus is that you don’t need a membership to use their pharmacy.

  2. I never threw away those peesticks. I used them month after month. I think the 30-day thing is a plot to get you to spend more money. I did store the peesticks in the cooler closet, but they all still worked post-date. Just my experience. =-)

  3. I’ve kept OPK’s WAY past 30 days ( as a matter of fact I didn’t know you were supposed to throw them away in 30 days and so always bought in bulk on Amazon), and they still work. I wouldn’t worry.

  4. I would like to echo what Theresa said. I also buy them in bulk on Amazon. Fifty packs, in fact. That’s about 4-5 cycles or 120 to 150 days. They seem to work!

  5. Yep… Amazon bulk is the way to go. For pregnancy tests, too. Also, as someone who is a veteran of stick-peeing, one word of advice: If you get the OPK tests *too* wet, they give you an error message. Sometimes I used a cup and then dipped the OPK rather than peeing on it directly – I know that probably sounds gross, but I was terrified of missing a positive OPK result because I screwed up the process. Just a thought. 🙂

    • The box I bought came with a little plastic cup–to be rinsed and re-used for all 20 tests. So, ew. Last night was the first time I successfully peed in said cup and moved it safely to the back of the toilet without spilling it all over my hand. Double ew. The things we are willing to do…

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