Bragging Rights

I was at a home visit the other day where a dad actually referred to himself as a “celebrity.”  I nodded along and tried really hard not to roll my eyes.  I don’t know who the heck this guy is, but I guess in some circles, he might be quasi-famous.

I’m not big on bragging.  It’s not something I’m very good at doing, even in situations where it might benefit me (like a job interview or resume), and it’s not something I find particularly attractive in others.  But today–today I feel like bragging a little.

Granted, I don’t have anything huge to toot my own horn about, but here are a few little things I’m pretty proud of this week:

One.  I made dinner!  I know this doesn’t sound like much, but we eat out a lot around here.  I mean, a lot.  It’s not that I lack the skills to cook a decent meal; it’s more of a motivational problem.  And I keep saying that we need to eat at home more, I need to cook more, blah, blah, blah, but it just doesn’t seem to happen.  So this week, I found a recipe I wanted to try (sorta), went shopping, and cooked a damn meal for me and my husband.

The recipe was in the August 2012 issue of Real Simple and can be found here.  It was supposed to be this easy, no-cook salad thing, but I’ve never been one to follow a recipe to the letter, so I changed it up a bit.  I’ve never had bulgur, and I didn’t think my first baby steps back into the kitchen was the time to experiment too much, plus, I wasn’t sure what Hubby would think of it.  So I stuck with something I knew, quinoa, instead.  I’m also not a fan of raw zucchini, so I sauteed it with the shallots for a couple of minutes before tossing it into the vinaigrette.  I used white kidney beans, along the the almonds and dill, and topped it with the goat cheese.  It ended up being hot (or at least warm) instead of cold, which was just fine with me.  And–bonus!!–Hubby liked it, too.  So that was a big check off my to-do list.

Two.  Last Sunday, I met with Sincerity and another friend for our writing group.  Sincerity gave me one of the best compliments I’ve gotten in a long time when she said that my July poem was the most beautiful I’ve ever written.  This was huge because she is such a fantastic poet herself, and I feel like she takes the craft seriously, is more well-read than me, etc., etc.  Leaving her house that day, I was walking on air.

I came home and told Hubby what she had said, which leads me to…

Three.  I let Hubby read the poem, since it was mostly about him anyway.  The next day, when I got home from work, he was super-manvulating.  The man couldn’t get enough of me.  I said, “How many times have you read that poem since last night?” and he said, “I don’t know.  Four or five.”

Later that night, he brought it up again.  He said, “I think I’m ready to be a dad.”  Cue heart melting.

I’m not saying my beautiful poem had anything to do with that statement, but still…

Anything you want to brag about??


11 thoughts on “Bragging Rights

  1. I’m not big on bragging either (go figure — maybe I need to start pointing out the things we DON’T have in common!), but you totally have the right to brag. You go, girl!

  2. Awww! I love it! There’s nothing that makes a man sexier than being excited about being a Dad! (I’m not much for bragging either, I’m just happy to be surviving the heat right now – lol)

  3. Much to be muchly proud of! Thanks for sharing your accomplishments. As for mine? Well, today I made a fondue for my hosts … from “scratch” … for the very first time … and it was perfect! I’ve learned well from my personal fondue chef, it seems 🙂

  4. Sometimes bragging is a good thing. 🙂
    Love the dinner you prepared! Recipes are all about giving a base to start with and then letting your preferences and ideas run wild.
    Love the poem, too.

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