Still not pregnant, still waiting…

So my period arrived on time (thanks).  Definitely not pregnant.

Hubby submitted his sample for the SA yesterday, and we’re waiting for the results.  The way it usually works is that Dr. K’s assistant* calls Hubby and schedules a phone consult with Dr. K.  Who is only in the office Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Which means it’ll probably be at least next Tuesday before we know.  Which means…grrrr.

Still, we’ve been making plans A, B, and C:

Plan A:  Hubby said the other day that he doesn’t want to do IVF as long as his count is still climbing.  (Crap!)  After all, we could hit the normal range, and then wouldn’t we feel silly spending all that money.  Plus, there’s the complicating factor of Hubby being in the middle of a serious job search, and the very realistic possibility that we could be moving soon (please, please, please!).  So our first hope is that his numbers have climbed to at least 10 million/mL, which puts us in IUI territory.  Hubby’s feeling very optimistic about this and continues to request that I fondle his balls in an attempt to determine changes in size and firmness.  It might be a long shot or wishful thinking, but this is our first choice.  10 million.  IUI.  Pregnant.

Plan B:  The numbers have gone up, but not enough for IUI.  In which case we just keep doing what we’re doing.  Sound familiar?  We keep waiting, keep testing.  Oh, and keep waiting some more.

Plan C:  I don’t like to consider this a real option, but I suppose I have to admit it is a possibility:  No change.  Hubby’s count is still at 150,000/mL.  Again, with all the ball scrutiny around here, Hubby’s convinced that those swimmers just keep multiplying.  But in case they haven’t, we’d be looking at doing IVF as soon as possible.  Whenever that might be.

No matter which of the above happens (or possibly some mystery Plan D??), we’re more than likely moving from Dr. K to Dr. C, the RE.  Dr. K gave us a year’s worth of office visits and phone consults for $750.  (Considering our initial visit was $350, we’re actually coming out ahead with this deal, but it’s still sad that this amount covers only Dr. K’s time–of which we’ve used up very little.)  That year’s almost up, and assuming Hubby continues to progress, we don’t really need Dr. K anymore to continue what we’ve been doing the last 11 months.  Dr. C, while not a sperm expert, can advise us on freezing,** IUI, IVF, and any other questions/concerns we may have, especially those regarding my lady bits.  Of course, all of this is assuming we’re actually around long enough to partake of Dr. C’s services.  His office has amazing stats, though, and I kind of hate the idea of moving, getting settled somewhere else, and finding a new RE only to discover they have abysmal stats.

GAH!  Why can’t anything be easy?

And yes, I realize I’m worrying about all of this waaaayy before I need to, but what else am I going to do with my upcoming 3-day weekend?


*Is she a nurse?  I don’t think so because she never gives us results over the phone.  I just want the numbers–I’m not asking her to interpret them.  She doesn’t seem to do much of anything other than schedule appointments.  Dr. K even requested that we not ask her for results over the phone because she’s apparently not qualified to discuss them.  So we have to wait for his 2-day/week availability.  Again, GRRR.

**The lab where Hubby drops his specimens is actually inside Dr. C’s clinic.

14 thoughts on “Still not pregnant, still waiting…

  1. Plan A would be awesome. Plan B while not great would still be a step in the right direction. However, if it’s plan C then I will curse right along with you.

  2. Sorry for the arrival of your period and that everything is always harder than we hope for, but I hope having a plan gives you at least a little direction and relief. I always feel better when I know what can happen and where to go from there. Keeping my fingers crossed for Plan A!

  3. Good luck to you guys, the waiting around is so freaking hard. I’m always better when I have a plan, even if it’s a crappy one, on the horizon. Thinking of you guys and hoping for a good result!

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