The results are in, and it’s–

Plan B.

Not sure how I feel about this.

As you’ll recall, we were hoping for 10 million/ml.  That would have been enough for IUI.  Granted, I knew it was a long shot.  I’m just so tired of waiting.

But the good news is that Hubby’s numbers have gone up.  Concentration is 700,000/ml, up from 150,000/ml two months ago.  Motility is up from 30% to 48%, which is in the normal range.

It just means–well, not much, really.  We can’t do anything with those numbers, except IVF with ICSI, which we’re not in a place stability-wise to undertake.  So we wait some more.

I’m telling myself this is good news.  This is progress.  And it is.  It just feels like we’re trying to run a marathon (to use Theresa’s metaphor) through a vat of jello.

So I’m letting this all sink in.  And I’ve got a 3-day weekend to process.  Which I’ll be doing a lot of.

For those of you who also get one (and even if you don’t), enjoy the long weekend!


29 thoughts on “The results are in, and it’s–

    • I don’t know. I would love it if we could do it now, but not knowing how long we’re going to be here–plus my husband deciding he wants to wait to see how high his count will get–I have no idea.

  1. I’m sorry. I was hoping for numbers good enough to go forward with an IUI 😦 I hope that you can fit in something nice, just for you, this weekend.

    • Thanks, sass. I’m happy that the numbers keep going up, I just wish all of this would move a little faster. I know IUI has far lower success rates than IVF, but at least we would be doing something!

  2. 700,000 is an amazing number! Sorry it’s not higher, I was also hoping it would be enough for an IUI. Would they be willing to freeze multiple samples in order to do an IUI? My husband’s urologist suggested this for ICSI (with much, much lower counts) so I wonder if they would be able to do that with an IUI.

    • I’ve always thought that would be the thing to do, to increase the count artificially. But it’s never been something I’ve discussed with our RE or anyone else. Maybe we should look into that. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Ah, drat. I”m sorry the number didn’t hit the mark, and I’m really sorry that you are back to the waiting game. The waiting game is the worst. I do with BleedingTulip, Audrey’s suggestion sounds like it could be the elusive Plan D!

  4. Ah, man. That sucks. I mean….it’s good! It’s progress! But it still sucks that you’re have to wait some more. I think you’ve waited long enough. I do love Audrey’s suggestion, if that’s a possibility. But I hope the processing during this holiday weekend will help to give you some perspective and some answers. Thinking of you! ~ hugs ~

  5. It’s progress, but I’m sorry it doesn’t move you forward to a direct path where you have one step and can see the target clearly ahead. Hope this weekend provides you with the time to process this. (((Hugs)))

  6. I’m sorry its not higher but at least the numbers are up! Are you still going to continue to try naturally? We are dealing with approximately 200,000 viable sperm per cc/ml and our doctor told us that IUI was out of the question because of the numbers but IVF was an option. The big thing he pushed though was to keep trying naturally. I also agree with Audrey’s suggestion as well.

    Love and hugs to you. ❤

  7. Oh man, that’s rough. I bet you are vacillating between hopeful (because hey, 700,000) and disappointed (no IUI) about once a second. Or maybe I’m just projecting. Having just spent several years in “stuck” mode (with exactly the same pair of issues — not enough sperm for IUI, and a husband on the academic job market) my heart goes out to you over and over. All I can say is keep breathing and know that we out here in the ether are here for you!

    • Yeah, it’s something like that. I appreciate the support, and I know you know exactly what we’re going through. Thinking of you, too, as you embark on your IVF cycle!

  8. I agree with those people who say 700,000 is amazing progress! It seems nuts that that’s not enough for IUI – but hopefully, you guys are still trying (you know, the old-fashioned way!) I suggest concentrating on the positive… you can’t hurry things along, so you might as well enjoy where you are right now 🙂 Hope you’re able to have a great, relaxing, long weekend! xoxox

    • We were told he’d have to have at least 10 million for IUI. 20 million is normal. I’m trying to remember to be thrilled that the numbers are still going up. At least they haven’t plateaued!

  9. I’m sorry you have more waiting to do. It must be an awful feeling. A step in the right direction is a good thing, but it’s not quite as big a step as you were hoping for. Keep on keepin on, sister.

  10. I’m so glad there is progress and that the treatment for your hubby is working, albeit slowly. So frustrating to wait, I’m right there with you, although in a different way.

  11. I know this isn’t high enough yet, but WOW! That is some seriously awesome progress. Our progress was so very slow at first and then suddenly between IVF#3 and IVF#4 (1 month apart) we jumped a HUGE amount and hit the 10million mark! So who knows your very nest test could get you there, because really you are not far off now at all!

    Sending you lots of love and plenty of Grow vibes for those spermies. Hoping you don’t make it to to the next test, because you prove the it really only takes one sperm and get preggers naturally so your waiting can be over.

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