Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod. I’m so nervous! It was a lovely, veerrrrry dark line.  No question.  But now I have a million what-ifs running around in my brain.  I’m second-guessing the back-to-back strategy.  Isn’t Tuesday afternoon going to be too late?  Is it worth it?  I was hoping the line would be a little lighter, meaning […]

CD10, IUI#1: (Not) The End of the World

I started to write a post this morning that went a little something like this: So…remember that happy girl from yesterday?  The one who was communing with the universe, huffing unicorn farts, and making the real me sick to my stomach with her candy-coated positivity? She’s gone. Yeah.  I killed her. Melodramatic?  Perhaps.  An accurate […]