Happy Talk

I hope I’ve gotten that song from South Pacific stuck in a few heads, as it’s been stuck in mine for the last 24-or-so hours.

I’ve noticed around the blogiverse that people occasionally do posts entitled “Thankful Thursdays.”  This is not that, exactly, but this positive thinking shit seems to be working out, so we’re gonna give it another shot!  I’m calling it Happy Thoughts Thursday:

¤ Football is back!  Okay, I know college football has been back for a week or so already, but I’m not much of a college football girl.  Despite the fact that Hubby drives me crazy with his fantasy team, I have actually become quite the football fan the past few years.  I am a little sad that my Giants lost their opening game, but the great thing about (most) sports is that there’s always next week.
¤ I want to be Michelle Obama when I grow up.
¤ Tomorrow’s Friday.  Last work day, and our consultation with Dr. C!!
¤ My husband is awesome.  Last night he was talking about what our new (and imaginary, at this point) place will be like, and how he hopes he’ll have an office with room for a crib so he can keep the baby company (or vice versa?) while he’s working.
¤ Hubby did get an update on the potential job today–his contact is “working with the dean” to get Hubby on the schedule for next semester, so we shall see….
¤ Chocolate makes me happy.  That’s all I wanted to say about that.

So, come on, people–let’s get happy!  Share your happy thoughts for the week.


8 thoughts on “Happy Talk

  1. I love how you call it “positive thinking shit.” We end all team meetings with “happy thoughts” because they are THAT depressing! It does help, though. Okay – here’s mine. MOST AWESOME hook-up today. Kid could not stop giggling about hearing. It was amazing.

  2. Way to add some positivity into the week! My couple thoughts to add: I love to cuddle with my dog. She’s so soft and snuggly! AND tomorrow I’m having homemade coffee cake muffins for breakfast. I’m drooling already!

  3. I always take so much enjoyment in looking at the good things. Just taking a minute to embrace the good of the day can sometimes just help take you out of the blues. As for me, hubby is home this week and as an anniversary gift, he treated me to a shopping spree at Michael’s Craft Store. Also, cupcakes are amazing. Just putting that out there too 🙂

    Also, I hope the consult goes well! Good vibes your way! My fingers are also crossed for you and hubby with his potential job.

    • Your hubby being home is beyond happy thoughts–that’s getting into ecstatic territory! I’m so glad you get to spend your anniversary together!

      Thanks for the good vibes–I’ll be writing all about the consult really, really soon!

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