Happy Thoughts Thursday: erm, Saturday edition?

Short and sweet:

In all the hectic events and running-around of Thursday, I totally forgot to bask, if briefly, in the positive things that happened that day.  Of which there were at least a few:

  1. I got to meet Holly!  My savior pre-HSG, who got my antibiotic prescription all taken care of.  I’d never interacted much with nurses in Dr. C’s office before, just with the man himself, but my first experience with them in the office didn’t disappoint.  She answered all my questions and reassured me that things would (probably) be fine.
  2. This IUI cycle wasn’t cancelled!  I was worried for a good portion of the day Thursday that my hormones would come back all screwy and that something would have to be done about that paratubal cyst before we could move on.  But no.  Dr. C gave the okay, and here I am on two doses of the evil Clomid, not feeling as terrible as I thought I would.  So yay.
  3. While in line for the prescription that wasn’t ready yet, a very chatty young man (who was talking up everybody in line) told me I dress nice.  I happened to be wearing my favorite wide-leg, super-comfy pants, so I took that as a huge compliment!

That is all.

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