CD7, IUI#1

First of all, you guys are awesome.  Thank you for riding right along with me on this crazy roller coaster.

Four doses of Clomid down, one to go (I’ve been taking them at night, since it was so late the day I finally got the prescription).  So far, no terrible side-effects (although I’ve been warned to expect them any time now).  Interestingly, though, Hubby seems to find me irresistible these days.  Oh yeah, he’s manvulating, big time.  So maybe something is happening?  Something subliminal?  Or maybe it’s just the excitement of doing.  I’ve felt an occasional ping near my ovaries (possibly just my imagination), but nothing else to let me know the stuff is working.

So I whipped out the handy-dandy consent form I had to sign before the prescription could even be written.  Let’s go through it together, shall we?

    1. poor quality cervical mucus and decreased amount of mucus: I did have some weird discharge today, but there was plenty of it.  I guess we’ll see what happens when I get closer to ovulation.  I usually have some very noticeable EWCM.
    2. hot flashes: No.  Thank goodness.
    3. breast tenderness: Nope.
    4. nausea: Uh-uh.
    5. blurred vision: Since my job is super-dependent on my ability to drive, I’m tremendously grateful I am not experiencing this side-effect.
    6. headaches: I start to think I’m getting one every once in a while, but it never lasts long.  So, no.
    7. insomnia: Hmm-mm.
    8. emotional irritability, anxiety, and vulnerability: How would this be different from the rest of my life?  Uh, I guess not.

If anything, I’ve been in a better mood the past few days.  Hubby’s attention has helped.

I know the tides could shift at any moment, that I could suddenly start behaving like a crazy bitch, ripping my clothes off in public (you know, from the hot flashes, not the crazy), refusing to let Hubby come anywhere near me or my tender breasts, and throwing up all over the place (or wishing I could).  But it hasn’t happened yet.

Believe me, if it changes, you’ll be among the first to know.


15 thoughts on “CD7, IUI#1

  1. I’m surprised two of the side effects that I hear of most aren’t on there: dizziness (there are red stickers all over my box of Clomid with this warning) and thinning of the lining. But so glad to hear you’re still in the clear. Let’s keep that sort of luck coming! 🙂

    • Hmmm…another one I probably wouldn’t notice because I get dizzy a lot as it is. And I don’t have my own u/s machine, so I guess we’ll see how the lining’s doing when I go in for my pre-IUI appointment. I hope no side effects doesn’t mean it isn’t working!

      • I worried about the same thing. BUT I’ve only ever experienced dizziness on one Clomid cycle and no other side effects at all and yet, I’ve ovulated four times with Clomid…so clearly that isn’t true! 🙂

  2. glad you guys are getting to have some fun together! I didn’t really have terrible side effects from Clomid, though I was worried that I would. Some mild headaches (which I get a lot anyhow). One thing I will say is that after my stimulated cycle last month my PMS/period was way more harsh than usual. Though obviously hopefully you won’t get there! (or me either… but we’ll see)

  3. Thanks for stopping over at my blog and happy ICLW!!

    I’m glad to hear that the clomid side effects have, so far at least, left you alone. We skipped right to injectables so I never had to deal with them, but I hear they can be a doozy!

    I hope this IUI works for you. And if it doesn’t I hope that it at least apports some useful information for a future IVF cycle. Our first IUI was a big bust (22 days of stims!!!) but I know that we learned something about how I respond to stimming that helped us later on.

  4. My most memorable psycho moment on clomid was during a particularly bad cycle where my follicles were not growing at the rate they “should have” My Dr scheduled a retrieval and I stared him down and said “Is this some kind of psychological boost? Because if it is I don’t want it”

    He stopped. Blinked at me a few times and started laughing while I stood there watching my dignity walk out the door. But after all this time, there have been quite a few. I don’t get any of the symptoms you mentioned but then all of a sudden something comes out of my mouth and the minute its out, I say something of such colossal stupidity, I can literally see my dignity walk away from me.

  5. Hi from ICLW! I didn’t get too many side effects from Clomid either. Seems like it really affects some people and others not so much! Best wishes for your IUI and surviving the 2ww!

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