Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod.

I’m so nervous!

It was a lovely, veerrrrry dark line.  No question.  But now I have a million what-ifs running around in my brain.  I’m second-guessing the back-to-back strategy.  Isn’t Tuesday afternoon going to be too late?  Is it worth it?  I was hoping the line would be a little lighter, meaning maybe we’d have more time.  I guess we’ll see what the ultrasound looks like tomorrow.

This shit is happening, people!

I left a message with my clinic this morning.  They’re open for another 40 minutes or so, but that doesn’t mean someone will call us back today.  According to Dr. C, Hubby’s supposed to go in first thing in the morning to drop off his first specimen.  What if we don’t hear back in time?

GAH!  I’m going a little crazy.

I need to slowly back away from the computer now.


8 thoughts on “CD13, IUI#1: SURGE!

  1. Yay! Take a deep breath. This is GOOD news. I know it can be stressful trying to make sure everything falls perfectly into place, though. Fingers are crossed that things happen exactly as they should. Keep us posted!

    • I think I’ll be okay as long as no major mishaps occur. As long as I feel like we’ve given it our best shot, I can’t have any regrets. Thanks for your support.

  2. OMG I can feel your anxiety from here. Settle down there killer dont go spinning off into crazy. If there is one thing, One thing you should have learned from my poor example (or excellent one if you want to do it all wrong) by now its that that spinning shit gets you nowhere but dizzy, nauseous and tired. Breathe my friend, breathe..

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