If I didn’t need his sperm…

I would kill my husband.

Strangle him.  Really.  I’m so pissed right now.

The clinic called back within minutes.  To our home phone.  And my husband had the ringer turned off.

So an hour later, I discover a message on our answering machine (yes, we still have one of those).  Of course, by then, the office was closed.


I had my cell on me the whole time.  Why couldn’t they have just called my cell?

So we have to wait until tomorrow morning to call back.  Hopefully he can still go in between 8 and 9, and then we’ll both go in the afternoon.

I am pissed.


19 thoughts on “If I didn’t need his sperm…

    • Thanks, marwil. The hugs help. As does the breathing. I actually do feel better now, but I was about to lose it when I saw that message. Tomorrow will be fine (I hope).

  1. Timing it all and hoping you get the timing right is the most stressful part! I hope things work out perfectly on Monday and Tuesday!

  2. Keep breathing. I’m not sure how IUI’s work but in IVF the timing from ovulation to the transfer is 5 days. So the timing give or take a little on either side should be fine. That being said being a stress monster doesn’t help your chances so spend some time alone today calming yourself if you can. It’s important Daryl, so please try.

    You can smack your hubby later! Everyone’s rooting for you!!

    • Thanks, Jeanette. I’ve calmed down now, but I’m still a little nervous about tomorrow. We’ll see what the ultrasound shows–hopefully that I haven’t ovulated yet, which would make the timing perfect. If this doesn’t work, it’s straight onto IVF–which will actually be a lot easier on me, I think, because I’ll get all that beautiful monitoring. Reassurance that everything’s going according to plan.

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