CD16,* IUI#1: When it rains, it pours

*I’m not writing dpo or dpIUI because a) I don’t temp or chart, so I’m not sure when exactly I ovulated and b) we did 2 days of IUI, so I’m not sure which day I should start counting from.

More bullets!  Because I can’t manage much else today.

♥ IUI 1-B went just as well as IUI 1-A.  Post-wash count was lower, but that was to be expected.  Motility was 72%!!  Also, I don’t think I mentioned yesterday that my lining was 10 mm and three lovely layers.

♥ While we were waiting for the sperm to be prepped (with what I imagine are little pink jet-packs), we met with the IVF coordinator.  You know, ’cause we’re super-confident this IUI is going to work.  We’re re-thinking PGD, partly because of the cost and partly because of the timeline.  It would put as back $5000 and 8 weeks in the process.  I wasn’t sure how much it would cost at our clinic, and I had seen online that it can range from $2200-$5000.  Our clinic is at the high end.  Also, 8 weeks?  That seems like an eternity, but given the past year (and the yeeeeeears of waiting before that), I guess it shouldn’t.  Anyway, assuming I don’t turn up pregnant in the next two weeks, we’ll be looking at a December/January IVF cycle.  Yipee!

♥ Motherfucker negative!  Woo-hoo!

♥ Apparently, even though I haven’t discussed it in detail with many of my siblings (on purpose), my whole family knows what’s going on with me and Hubby.  My dad (so I’m told) has even committed the cardinal sin of saying, “I wish they’d just adopt.  You know she’d get pregnant then.”  Really, dad?  Which leads me to:

♥ Last night, I got a call from my oldest sister.  She propositioned me with an adoption opportunity.  Without going too much into the hows and whys of it (maybe in another post), I will tell you it’s a newborn, in a NICU in another state.  Hubby was in the middle of a migraine, probably not the best time to discuss the matter, but the answer is no.  I know it has to be right now, but my heart aches for this tiny baby.  I have tears in my eyes even now, typing these words.  There are about 47 reasons why, but it boils down to my husband not being ready for a baby that’s already here to drop into our laps.  I’m probably not, either.  If I’m being 100% honest.  But, as I’ve been saying all along, I want to hold our baby in my arms, however he gets here.  I would love nothing more than to hold that baby boy and call him my own.  What I want and what’s realistic may not be the same thing, though.

My niece had posted pictures of this baby on her facebook page.  I looked at them (I shouldn’t have).  I wanted to reach through the screen and snuggle this baby to my chest.  But I’ll have to leave that to some other mother.


8 thoughts on “CD16,* IUI#1: When it rains, it pours

  1. As someone who has been through this…you are so sane and so rational and hanging in there like a champ! I don’t see any problem with going ahead and discussing IVF while still hoping/planning on the IUI working – after all, why not have all the information, even if you don’t end up using it? Also, PGD is a tough call. We decided not to do it due to the cost and the wait. I know some people who have, though, and said the wait wasn’t too bad. Either way, I’m so glad you guys are moving forward! This is exciting!

  2. Well, if this IUI doesn’t work out, I’m so excited that you have an IVF plan. I know it probably seems like too far away to you, but I think a winter IVF sounds like it’s just around the corner! And by the way…just reading what you wrote about that baby made me want to adopt his tiny little baby body, too!

  3. The trick to staying relatively “sane” whilst going through all this, is to always have your next plan of action in case this one doesn’t work, so you are doing really well and are totally normal.

  4. I’m banging my head against the wall regarding your family and the adoption proposition. Adoption is NOT a form of fertility treatment. Nor should it be a substitute. As sad as it is that there is a baby out there who needs a family, this is not your baby. I’m so sorry that your family is trying to “help.” Clearly they don’t understand that they are making things so much worse for you. I wish I knew what to tell you to help them understand, but I’ve also learned that usually it falls on deaf ears. And that just sucks.

    Fingers crossed for you. I’m hoping.

  5. When it rains, it does pour. This is a lot to handle. I’m glad that you’re making the best decisions for your family, as much as it must hurt not to be able to pursue this adoption.

    As for your father…people say stupid things sometimes. It hurts when it’s family, but I hope that you can do your best not to let it bother you. I hope someone said something sarcastic and made him eat his words.

  6. I’m sorry about the family situation. Family dynamics are rough in the best of circumstances. I hope these IUIs work out for you. It sounds as if they went as well as possible, and that is fabulous news!

  7. Gosh cardinal sin indeed from your father there. It is so hard when people say stuff and knowing that the only way to change it is for us to have to educate them. Here’s hoping for the IUI to work 🙂

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