CD21, IUI#1: Good news, everyone!

No, I did not test this early.  Because I am not completely insane.  (Just a little bit.)

The good news for today is that the insurance company accepted our appeal, and we will be reimbursed for 50% of the back-to-back IUIs we paid for out-of-pocket last week.  Of course, nothing can go perfectly, so instead of the insurance company reimbursing us directly, we have to have our clinic submit the claim and wait for them to get paid, so they can reimburse us.


But if it means we get even a tiny fraction of what we’ve put into this back, I guess it’s worth it.  I should add it all up one day, but it’s way too depressing.

For now, I’ll take whatever small victory we can get.

On a trying-to-stay-in-the-moment-and-not-obsess-about-the-unknown-future note, Hubby and I were walk/running at the dirt track near our house tonight, when I saw a few interesting happenings.  On my first lap, I saw my beautiful, blushing mountains; the Society for Creative Anachronism (Role Models, anyone?) play-sword-fighting with big foam sticks; a guy tooling around on some kind of motorized razor scooter; a flag team practicing, twirling their banners in the air and attempting to catch them (and sometimes failing); and a bunch of firefighters playing four-on-four sand volleyball.  By my second lap, everyone was packing up or sitting around.  The mountains had dulled to a smokey blue, and the razor scooter guy had disappeared altogether.  If I hadn’t soaked it all in on the first lap, I’d have missed it.

This is my attempt at staying in the moment.  For moments at a time.


18 thoughts on “CD21, IUI#1: Good news, everyone!

    • I was pretty darn excited about it! I wish I could say I was just as optimistic we’d have more exciting news in the next week, but I highly doubt it.

  1. I am so glad to hear you managed to scrabble something back, great news. Now, just keep the great news coming if you please! I have my fingers crossed for you.

    • Those moments don’t last long for me. But I’ve managed quite a few on that particular track. It’s a good place to people-watch. Any news on the baby front?

      • Still waiting! I scheduled the induction for Friday, but I’m not 100% sure I’ll show up to it. Trying acupuncture tomorrow to see if I can jump start this thing!

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