One and Only

IUI#1 (and only) failed.

Just as I suspected, I started my period on Saturday.  The next step was to call the clinic and schedule a hysteroscopy, which I did yesterday.  So now I get to look forward to having a camera shoved into my uterus next Tuesday.  At that appointment, I should also get a better idea of what needs to happen when for a December/January IVF.

I was super-sad when I started bleeding.  Hubby and I were both disappointed, even though we knew the chances were low.  But now that reality has sunk in, all I can do is look ahead.

I’ll probably have two cycles between now and starting BCPs.  I’m not counting on a miracle to happen.


18 thoughts on “One and Only

  1. So, so sorry Daryl. IUIs have such low success rates, I don’t know why we even do them. I kind of wish we had skipped them ourselves (saved the 6 months) and gone straight to IVF. I know that is what will give you guys the best chance possible! Still for now, I know this BFN stings so much. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts!

  2. I’m so sorry, I know the chances were low and that you guys were prepared but it always just sucks no matter how much you were preparing yourself. Hoping that the next few months fly by and that the IVF goes well.

  3. I’m sorry my dear! It sucks regardless of the low chances! I hope you guys can enjoy the next couple of months and get ready for the IVF cycle.

  4. I’m so sorry, D! I know what it’s like to feel like everything you’re doing is simply grasping at straws. Hang in there and know that you’re not alone in this torturous waiting/not-knowing game.

  5. So sorry this wasn’t your time. It sucks to get your hopes up (even if the chances are slim), only to face disappointment. I’m right here with you, CD3, cranky, depressive and fed up… Thinking of you this week and sending positive energy for the next steps, and the eventual happy news.

  6. Oh, damn the IUI and its hope-inspiring. I remember being so SURE that my third IUI would be IT. That I wouldn’t have to do IVF and that I could be done with ART. I’m sorry yours was a big fat disappointment. The good news is… IVF is not far away and you have many, many reasons to be hopeful about that procedure. The camera thing isn’t that awful for most people, either. Plus, how often does your uterus get to be on TV? Oh, wait, with IVF, like about a gazillion times…

  7. Sorry that it didn’t work. I know all too well the failure of an IUI (or two, or three, or four). I think it was wise of you to have given it a shot though. Sometimes, they do work for some and you just never know.

  8. I’m so sorry. We were just unsuccessful with our first IUI as well, but it wasn’t unexpected- not a lot of sperm survived the wash, for some reason. IUIs seem to have pretty low success rates, and even the people who are successful don’t seem to usually get pregnant the first time. Still, it’s always good to know we tried it. I wish you much better luck with IVF!

  9. Oh, boo. I’m so sorry, Daryl. Even though we all knew what the odds were, I had hope right along with you. And I realize I’m late in responding to this, but please know that you were in my thoughts the whole time I was away. I guess now all we can do is hope that your winter IVF will be the winner. ~ hugs ~

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