The wait is (almost) over.

First of all, I apologize in advance if this post seems to be a bit all over the place.

I know you’ve all been on pins and needles waiting for the results of my procedure today.

Just to be clear, the procedure I had done today was a hysteroscopy, not an HSG.  I had the HSG done about six months ago.  That’s the one where they shoot you up with contrast dye and take X-rays to make sure your tubes are clear.  And they were.  What I had done today is a tiny camera threaded through the cervix and into the uterus to check for polyps, fibroids, or anything else that might inhibit implantation of a healthy little embryo.  All clear there, too.

The hysteroscopy itself, in case you’re wondering or about to have one yourself, was easy-peasy.  I sat in the exam room with my ass hanging out, waiting for Dr. C, for longer than the actual procedure took.  It was in-and-out.  Literally.  Plus, how many people can say they’ve seen the inside of their uterus?

I also met with the IVF coordinator again while I was there.  After Dr. C was done looking at my business, he asked about when we were planning to do IVF, and I told him that the coordinator had told us last time we met with her that he wasn’t doing any transfers in December, so we were looking at January.  To which he replied, “I’m doing transfers in December.”  (Although, in my head, I heard, “Yuh-huh.”)  He checked his calendar, and, sure enough, December was open.

Shit. Just. Got. Real.

I have an official (tentative) calendar in my hands.  My next CD3, which should be in just a couple of weeks, I start BCPs.  I still can’t believe I’m writing these words.

There are decisions to be made.  Like whether or not we want to do genetic testing on the embryos.  We also have some new information on this–like, that we can get the results and do the transfer the next day, rather than freezing and waiting 8 weeks for a frozen embryo transfer.  Still, there’s the cost.  And Hubby thinks it might be a good idea to finance at least part of the total, rather than blow out our entire savings.  Not a bad idea.

I am freaking out.  A little.  In a good way.  But still.

And, on top of all of this, we still haven’t figured out what we’re going to do for the holidays.  As our calendar stands now, my first beta will be the day after Christmas.  Which means we can’t be out of town.  Hubby still wants to try to schedule a trip to see his family, which not only involves an entire day of travel there and back, but it also means a stay of at least a week and a half to make all that travel worth it.

I don’t know what to do.  We still have a lot to talk about.  I have to let the IVF coordinator know our decision about PGD by November 1st.  The travel stuff will just have to be figured out when it’s figured out, I guess.

It’s still sinking in.  We are so doing this.


28 thoughts on “The wait is (almost) over.

  1. So glad to hear that things are moving forward! And thanks for sharing your hysteroscopy experience. I’ll need to get one whenever we decide to move ahead with IVF (prob. in Feb/March).
    I have no IVF experience but did an IUI cycle with injectables which got cancelled due to too many follies. I would not have been in the mood or state to travel and visit family. I was bloated like a giant ball and experienced a lot of cramping. This was all without even going through ER/ET. FWIW, I would not schedule a trip at that time and take it easy. I may sound like a donwer but I wanted to give you my honest opinion. Good luck my dear!

  2. YAY! This is so exciting! FWIW, when I did IVF, I gave myself permission to focus entirely on doing what I needed to do to be as comfortable as possible – we skipped a couple of family trips and just took it easy. It was definitely a good choice. Even if the timing had worked out, not having to deal with travel and other stuff while all jacked up on medications was really really nice. Just my two cents. 🙂

    • That’s my feeling, too. If we go anywhere, it’ll be after the transfer, but even then, I feel like I might still be hopped up on hormones and bloated as a whale. I don’t think I’ll feel like doing much of anything.

      By the way, I’m going to send you an email regarding your previous offer.

  3. Great news and good luck figuring out all the details. We’re supposed to do PGD when we start our IVF (first cycle next year), but our RE said we have to wait and do a FET because of it. Do you know how your clinic is able to do the PGD and implant fresh embryos?

    • I don’t know. This was new today, as last time we talked about it, we were told it would be about an 8-week wait by the time we got the results and scheduled an FET. And that was less than a month ago. I’m not sure what’s changed, but I’m definitely happy about it! Best of luck to you when your turn rolls around.

  4. Oh hooray! Is it okay that I’m hooraying?

    Just a tip – traveling during a cycle is really hard. My first round didn’t go as smoothly as planned and I ended up in the clinic every day – even weekends – for monitoring during stims. Retrieval and transfer dates tend to get moved around a bit on a fresh cycle and it’s hard to plan. Second round went much better, but we still had to cancel a trip to see my brother because we weren’t sure exactly when retrieval would fall until the last minute. I don’t want to be a downer either, but I we all care about you and want you to have the smoothest round possible.

    • It’s great that you’re hooraying! 🙂

      I already have several days in a row of monitoring on the tentative calendar, so we definitely won’t be traveling during that time. I hope we won’t have to travel at all, but I’m torn because I still want to see our families. Maybe at least some of them will come to us?

  5. So awesome to be moving forward. To add to the cautions: even if you plan to travel after transfer, there’s always the risk of OHSS… do you want to be away if that happens? Make all the fam come to you! Good luck!!!

  6. This is great news! Hmm it’s a tricky one, I wouldn’t want to travel in the midst of it, the earliest for me personally would be after the two-week-wait is over. Even if I have done it a few times I have had slightly different reactions after retrieval. You could stick with the original plan, travel first and then have the retrieval and transfer in January. It’s not fun to wait though, I know that.

    • Well, my family will just have to be okay with us not coming out for the holidays, but Hubby’s still trying to convince me to travel to visit his family in January. After the 2ww but before the 1st ultrasound. Kind of scary.

  7. so glad you’ve got some dates in the diary – amazing! keeping everything crossed for you guys. I haven’t been there myself considering travel post-retrieval but I can say that in general I would not have wanted to deal with lots of travel or lots of family in the midst of waiting. That said, it is really good to have some distractions so maybe you can get some of them to visit you?

    • I’m really excited!

      I wish my family could visit me, but my sister and dad both have jobs without a lot of time off, especially at the holidays. I hope they’ll come visit sometime in the new year. Hubby’s family is a different story. We’ll see.

  8. In case it’s helpful, wanted to share what I understand about genetic testing – apologies for any inaccuracies!! At our well-known clinic, the gold standard was the testing that could be done on a Day 5 embryo. Yes, the downside was waiting longer for results and having to do a FET, but you got a more thorough testing of the embryo AND is less invasive for the embryo itself since by Day 5 cells have begun to separate into the placenta. Day 3 testing covers many chromosomes (but not all), but requires a biopsy of the embryo itself which has some unknown risks. Day 1 testing is just of the polar bodies that are cast off by the egg, so is rather incomplete and only accounts for genetic problems due to the egg, not the sperm. This option was offered to us when we only got 2 embryos, but we decided to go all in for the Day 5 testing for more certainty – ended in a bust, but I don’t regret that decision one bit.

    We wanted to do genetic testing based on the default assumption that chromosomal issues were causing our miscarriages. Without a specific reason or risk factor, I don’t know that I would’ve gone that route. Even without testing, they can learn a lot about the quality of the embryos based on how they appear and develop, to hopefully give some confidence to what you’re working with.

    Phew, I think I got all that right. Hope I don’t sound know-it-all-y, but I spent A LOT of mental energy on this stuff last fall. Hope this helps, and good luck making all of these big exciting decisions! Things are happening…

    • Thanks, mrs. brightside. Our clinic has somehow figured out a way to get the results super-quick, so we could test on day 5 and still transfer on day 6. Which would be awesome.

      The thing is, we have no reason to believe our embryos will be genetically abnormal, but I don’t exactly want to suffer the pain of miscarriage when it could have been prevented. I don’t know.

      And you’re not know-it-all-y! I didn’t know about the earlier testing and what that involved.

  9. What a great feeling, to have a plan! This is WONDERFUL news.

    I have got to agree with the others who say that traveling is probably too much. I know you will have already transferred by the time you would be taking the trip, but do you really want to be somewhere else on beta day? I mean, granted not everyone is crazy like me, but I personally would not have been able to handle a family visit and the end of the 2ww at the same time. If you do go, I would say that extenuating circumstances definitely make it OK to take a much shorter trip — even with all that travel time, maybe just this once you don’t need to stay that long to make it “worth the trip.”

    • Thank you. The only traveling we might do at this point would be after the 2ww, but it would be international, which I’m not sure I’ll be up for!

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