Mistakes, Moving (forward?), and Meh

Hubby received his most recent shipment of fertility drugs from his dad this weekend.  He had requested another three months’ worth of hMG (Menopur) from his doctor there, and his dad was to pick up the prescription and ship it to us.  We thought all was going smoothly, and we’d get it just in time.  When it arrived, instead of one big box of drugs, it was two.  At first, we thought, well, that saves us having to buy it for this round of IVF.  We should have plenty for both of us.  Then he opened the boxes.  One of which contained many, many, many, many, many, many boxes of hCG (Pregnyl), which Hubby is also taking, but had not ordered from his doc.  We don’t need nearly as much as what they sent us–at least six months’ worth–and I feel really bad that his dad paid for it (I will try to pay him back, but he’s often just as stubborn as his son), especially because there’s no way we’re going to use it all.  At least he got the Menopur, too.

This morning, Hubby had a phone interview with someone from a research company (or something??) in his home country.  According to him, it went well, and this might be a real possibility for finally getting a job.  But it’s still early in the process, and Hubby has lots of other applications pending, so I guess we’ll just wait and see…we’re pretty good at that by now.

I need to write a poem.  Or two.  Not just because of the challenge I set for myself last December, but because I’m meeting with my writing group this weekend, and I got nothin’.  And don’t feel much like doing anything about it.  Don’t feel much like doing much of anything, really.  Not even reading blogs (sorry if I’m behind), which is usually my go-to when I’m trying not to do other things.

Lately, I zone out, playing Plants vs. Zombies, turning off my brain completely (you know, except for the small part required to play Plans vs. Zombies).  Maybe in an attempt to avoid thinking about all the balls we’ve got in the air right now.

That makes sense, right?  That totally explains it.  Because, to be honest, I don’t want to have to dig any deeper than that. Not tonight, anyway.


3 thoughts on “Mistakes, Moving (forward?), and Meh

  1. Amazing that the pharmacy botched your Rx so badly. Just more frustration on top of everything else. I do hope that the interview is good news for your near future. In the meantime, concentrate on Plants v Zombies. Sometimes the best answer is the easiest one.

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