Cramps? Bleeding? Please, oh, please?

My husband is super-cute.  I’ve said this before, right?  Last night, when I was clearly tired, getting sick, and upset about this whole possible-ovulation-while-on-the-pill thing, he says, “See?  You so much want to have a baby, even birth control can’t stop you!”  To cheer me up.  (Imagine that with his adorable accent, and you can’t help […]

November poem

I almost forgot!  November is nearly over, and I haven’t published a poem yet.  Not that you all were like, “Come on, Daryl, we’re waiting for that poem!”  But, still.  I have a self-imposed challenge to live up to.  So you get two posts in one day.  Enjoy. ~ The needle goes in. A pinch.  […]

Long story long

The drugs arrived yesterday.  I was going to write a post, complete with the obligatory drug/needle pictures, but you’ve all seen that before, right?  So I’ll tell you about the appointment today instead. Today was the day we paid all the money to the clinic, got me hooked up with the transvag invader, and turned […]


So, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  (Or, you know, Thursday, for those of you outside the US.) I’ve been feeling better the last few days.  Less moody (I think).  Lighter spotting.  Boobs are still huge (which Hubby loves) and hurting, but I guess I’ll have to get used to that if/when I get pregnant, right?  I’ll […]

Happy Thoughts Thanksgiving

Okay, so things haven’t been great lately.  Since starting the pill, I’ve remembered why I was so relieved to stop taking it years ago: it turns me into a depressed, moody mess.  Suddenly, I was having flashbacks of crying for no reason–for hours!–leaving Hubby at a loss for what to do about it.  I’ve also […]

My Dad

I’ve written much more about my mother here than my dad, but I just have to tell you a few quick things that have happened in the past couple of days: I talked to my sister last night.  She and my dad were planning to come here for spring break, since Hubby and I won’t […]

Today is NOT the Day

…to fuck with me. …to cut me off in traffic. …to question my reasoning. …to make me wait. …to ask me for favors. …to flaunt your ultra-fertility in front of me. …to talk to me about anything remotely related to money. …to have me stick a couple of needles in your ass. …to wonder aloud […]