Things we have accomplished in the last two days:


Filling out and turning in paperwork for genetic screening (PGS)

Picking up prescriptions for birth control and antibiotics

Depositing my mileage check

Getting the results of Hubby’s HALO test (56% fragmentation–not good)

Taking out the trash/recycling

Giving Hubby his injections

Getting our routing and account numbers to Hubby’s amazing uncle

Buying tampons–for what I hope is the last time in a very long time

Having 6 or 7 vials of blood drawn (I didn’t even count this time)

We still have a long road ahead of us, but it feels good to actually get shit done.  Maybe one of these days, I can add “writing a real blog post” to the list.  But not tonight.


2 thoughts on “Check.

  1. Writing a real blog post? What the heck is that? Me – I like to fall off the face of the planet just to reappear and write a novel. 😛

    Congratulations on getting do much accomplished! (Especially voting!)

    A random aside about tampons – I had a coworker come up and mention she needed some “female assistance” today… And I was like “seriously? In a clinic of roughly 45 employees where EVERYONE but 3 is female, you asked me?” It was just rather ironic. I dearly hope this is your last time making that purchase as well!!!!!!

  2. This is great! What do you mean, a “real blog post”? I think this counts! It’s starting to feel real, isn’t it? Sending good thoughts your way…

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