Breaking Out

My skin is a disaster these days.  I’m blaming it on starting birth control (which I’ve been taking for all of four days).  BCPs are also taking the blame for my shitty mood today.  Those little pills make a great scapegoat.

It hasn’t been terrible, I guess.  I can turn bitchy on a dime as it is.  But today I’ve just been on-edge, easily annoyed with Hubby, and short-tempered.  For no good reason.

Er–I mean, because of the birth control.

(By the way, how back-ass-wards is it that, in order to become pregnant, I have to take BCPs?)

In non-complaining news, my husband has been super cute lately.  He frequently (much more frequently than me, anyway) has dreams about our future children.  I always smile when he tells me what our children looked like, what their names were, or the adventures we’d had as a family.  Just now, he was telling me he can’t wait for his dad to meet his granddaughter.  (Because he’s convinced we’re going to have girls–and only girls.)  He was even looking up children’s books the other day, including this one, which is exactly the kind of book I would choose for our little girls.

I’ve had some ups and downs the past few days.  You all have been great, though, and I am trying my best to be more excited than fearful of the road that lies ahead of us.  As difficult as it is, I’m trying to imagine a happy ending.


10 thoughts on “Breaking Out

  1. I love the Paper Bag Princess! I’ve bought one for each of my nieces and nephews. I’m covertly training them to be feminists. They just don’t know it!

  2. Hey.. I know your ups and downs of feeling on a rollercoaster all to well. Made no sense that I had to go back on the bcp pill to get myself pregnant… Made no sense! I will tell you, the time might seem like its going slow now… But this is the beginning to good things! My husband was so positive and hopeful during the process and that is truly what kept me going! You go girl… This is the beginning of a really great thing for you guys!

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