Today is NOT the Day

…to fuck with me.

…to cut me off in traffic.

…to question my reasoning.

…to make me wait.

…to ask me for favors.

…to flaunt your ultra-fertility in front of me.

…to talk to me about anything remotely related to money.

…to have me stick a couple of needles in your ass.

…to wonder aloud if I might be pregnant.

…to put me on hold, answer, put me on hold again, and then hang up.

…to be annoyingly cheery in my general vicinity.

…to play damn Christmas music on the radio.

…to ask me–pretty please!–to do ONE more thing beyond what I’m already doing.

I will cut you.


13 thoughts on “Today is NOT the Day

  1. Bad days can suck it. But it’s nice when you can put a threat out there to fend off more bad. I’m not mocking your bad day (at all!), but the “I will cut you” made me fall in love with you a bit more. May today bring a bit more peace.

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