So, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  (Or, you know, Thursday, for those of you outside the US.)

I’ve been feeling better the last few days.  Less moody (I think).  Lighter spotting.  Boobs are still huge (which Hubby loves) and hurting, but I guess I’ll have to get used to that if/when I get pregnant, right?  I’ll take my last birth control pill next Tuesday, and then the real fun begins.

Our Thanksgiving was fantastic.  Hubby and I have a recent tradition of spending the holiday together, just the two of us, with football on TV and dinner whenever I get around to it.  I stay in my pajamas all day, and it’s about the lowest-stress day you can have that involves roasting a turkey.  I really love being in the kitchen (and keep telling myself I should spend more time there–and less money eating out!).  This year, the menu also consisted of stuffing (or, technically, dressing, since it wasn’t stuffed inside the bird) from a box, roasted red potatoes (because Hubby likes them better than mashed), and roasted butternut squash.

But the leftovers are the best part, right?  Today I’ll make some gravy so I can have an open-face turkey sandwich with a side of leftover stuffing.  And tonight or tomorrow night, I’ll make pasta with a tomato/alfredo sauce and the squash.  I’m also thinking turkey salad sandwiches with celery and grapes.  Although, I’m not sure anything can beat the duck salad with dried cherries I made last year.  Hubby says, since we did turkey for Thanksgiving, and we’ll be home alone for Christmas, we should try the duck again.  He’s so helpful with suggestions of things I should cook.

We also did something new this year.  I talked to my sister, dad, and niece on Skype.  The conversation post-dinner was, uh, less than riveting.  My dad and sister yawned through most of it, but it was nice to see their faces on a day that’s supposed to be about family.

My mom used to go all-out (and get completely stressed out) for the holidays.  Things are much more low-key around here.  Even birthdays and Christmas aren’t a huge deal.  I wonder if, once we have kids, that will change.  If I’ll want to make everything more special because of them.  But I don’t remember all the hoopla over the fancy new recipes my mom was trying out in the kitchen or the crafty place settings.  I remember getting everyone around the same table.  I remember helping out when I could.  And I remember the leftovers.


8 thoughts on “Comfort/Food

  1. Ah, leftovers! I dearly miss those from thanksgiving. My (and my family’s) favorite is turkey sandhiches with pink-sauce (cranberry sauce and mayo) and we couldn’t forget the oysterballs-stuffing/dressing.

    Glad it was a great day for you. I like low-stress.

  2. You’re already done with the BCP? Wow.
    Being Swiss I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving so I don’t have any leftover stories to share. But I love your your recent Thankgiving tradition – sounds like a very enjoyable day!

  3. Oh, I am so jealous of your relaxed Thanksgiving! You have no idea. That is exactly how we would *love* to spend our holidays… but we’re both only children and with everyone’s first grandchild this year – forget it! Everyone piled into our house and even though hubby was sick and I was super exhausted, we had to play host. {pout}

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