Holy Needles, Batman!

I just watched the instruction video for giving myself injections.  Delightful.

I mean, I’ve been preparing, mixing, and injecting medications into someone else for over a year, but this is different.  This is stabbing myself with a needle.  This is stabbing myself with a needle at least twice a day.  This is the big guns.  And it feels like there’s so much more at stake.

Hubby’s freaked out about the idea of giving me injections (namely, the trigger and the progesterone).  I haven’t ever calculated it exactly, but just as a rough estimate, let’s say I’ve been giving him six injections a week for the last 52 weeks.  That’s 312 injections.  312 needles going into his ass.  If I’m lucky enough to wind up pregnant, and if I have to keep up the progesterone injections until I hit the 12 week mark, that’s still only about 70 injections he’d have to give me.  Still a lot, but compared to 312?  Not so much.  He’ll just have to suck it up, like I did.

In non-needle-related news, I dreamed about twins last night.  Initially, it was two girls, and then it changed to boy/girl halfway through.  I had given birth to them, but neither of them particularly looked like me.  In fact, one of them looked nothing like me or my husband and had lovely, brown skin.  Not the first time I’ve dreamed of having a baby of another race, oddly enough.  Makes me wonder what my dreams may be trying to tell me…


24 thoughts on “Holy Needles, Batman!

  1. The thought of injecting myself freaked me out, too. (Though I took progesterone suppositories and not the PIO shots) All in all, though, it really wasn’t that bad. The idea is much scarier!

  2. Ugh, it’s intimidating when you first start out. Although I have never taken the PIO shots and they are worse I hear. It really sucks it has to be done this way at all!

  3. Soon you will be able to do it in your sleep. I much prefer injecting myself, to the thought of someone else injecting me. Hang tough.

  4. I hear you. The very first injection was painful. Not physically but emotionally. And not just for me, also for my husband. For us it is the easiest if we do it together, I do the grabbing he does the stabbing. We always try to joke a little. Good luck!

  5. There has yet to be a day, where I don’t think for 2 secs before giving myself an injection “WTF?” I hope that the injections are painless and easy. And if nothing else, consider learning how to give yourself the PIO injection. I’m doing this just in case something happens.

    Dreams are always funny, huh? Maybe you’ll have a child that loves the sun. Fingers are crossed.

    • I’ve thought of at least trying to give myself the PIO injections–but I’m afraid that makes it too easy for Hubby to chicken out!

      I don’t know…I think the dreams are getting me ready for something else entirely. If only I could convince my Hubby that foster adoption is a great idea!

  6. I had to give myself Lovenox injections for a while and I’m thinking I’ll have to again. K is squeamish and would quite possibly pass out if he had to give me injections. It’s tough having to learn it but once you get it, things go a little smoother!

  7. I seriously don’t know if I could give myself or Chris injections. I’m totally a needlephobe. I tend to pass out during blood work if I’m not laying down. (Mind you, i can handle Getting tattoos without a problem) It’s to the point where some of my nursing friends have offered to give me the shots if need be if Chris is not here to give them to me. I’m just hoping I won’t have to take many shots once we move forward with treatment.

  8. Your house sounds like our house, except our meds are self-administered – no buddy system required. We had his & hers HCG and a joint sharps container. Oh, the romance of it all…

    • I’m currently giving Hubby hCG and hMG injections in his ass. Tres romantique! But he refused to do it himself, so now I’m using that to my advantage!

  9. Can’t you take progesterone suppositories? I did and they worked just fine! The injections are definitely intimidating. I wasn’t thrilled about them the first two rounds, but the on the third round I decided I was going to be grateful for the opportunity of IVF, so with each injection, I would say “Thank you” – and I think it actually made the whole process hurt a lot less! Hugs to you!

    • Thanks, dear. I forgot to ask about the suppositories today. I was a little preoccupied with other developments. Hopefully the shots won’t be that bad.

  10. I don’t think I could have done the injections myself. You are one brave lady! But I have to say, my husband didn’t like injecting me one bit, and I think he would have preferred it if I had just gone away into the bathroom and done it myself. Like msfertility, I said “thank you” and hugged him after every shot, and I think that helped us. We kept our eyes on the prize the whole time — and it was nice to watch the supply of drugs and needles getting smaller day after day.

    Just out of curiosity, do you know why you’re doing PIO instead of suppositories? I wasn’t given a choice on this (or a reason), and while I would NEVER have opted for shots, I am curious as to what the difference is. Though I have to say, those suppositories were freaking disgusting, so maybe the shots are better. Who knows?

    • I wasn’t given a choice, either, and I forgot to ask if the suppositories were an option when we were there today. Unless I’m super miserable getting the injections, I’ll probably just tough it out.

    • I had a friend who was getting similar injections for a while, but I think she made her husband give them to her. I’ve been giving Hubby his injections for over a year, and I’ve gotten used to the routine, but the needles are far, far away from my skin!

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