Long story long

The drugs arrived yesterday.  I was going to write a post, complete with the obligatory drug/needle pictures, but you’ve all seen that before, right?  So I’ll tell you about the appointment today instead.

Today was the day we paid all the money to the clinic, got me hooked up with the transvag invader, and turned in the roughly 719,000 pages of signed consent forms.  Fun times.

Side note:  I’m sure any of you who’ve done IVF have had to sign something similar, but we had to go through a contract, scenario by scenario, selecting the best option for our hypothetical frozen embryos in the event of the untimely death of either of us, divorce, or dropping off the face of the planet.  Which led to many interesting conversations, as you can imagine.  My least favorite was the one about Hubby using our embryos with his new wife after I die.  Um…no.

Anyway, back to today.  I tried my best to go to work this morning before the appointment.  The only home visit I had scheduled for the morning had already cancelled, and when I got to the office, my computer wasn’t working, so I was pretty limited.  I stayed for an hour and then went home to wait out the rest of the time until the appointment with Hubby.

We showed up at the clinic about 10 minutes early.  We were called back right at 11 and went in for my ultrasound.  The nurse who did it confirmed I’d taken my last BCP yesterday and asked if I’d started a period yet.  I told her no, but I’d been spotting on and off throughout the time I was taking the pill, which she said was fine.  She checked my lining, which she described as “medium” and said they would definitely want me to start my period before beginning the injections on Saturday.  She checked lefty, the ovary who has a history of hiding, and after some poking around, said there were 3-5 follicles in there.

Then came righty.  The over-achiever.  The one that took over when I was on Clomid, despite the fact that lefty already had a follicle brewing on CD3.  And there she found…something.  At first she said it was a cyst.  I informed her that I always have a paratubal cyst on the right side, but she assured me this was inside the ovary.  Then she said it looked like my right ovary was trying to ovulate.  While on birth control pills.  99% effective, my ass.

I got dressed, we met in a small office next to the exam room (which, incidentally, is the same room where the retrieval will happen–if it happens at all) to discuss next steps.  I would have to have blood drawn to check my estrogen and progesterone levels–something I was not planning to squeeze into my already booked afternoon.  Assuming I would somehow start bleeding by Friday, we went over the dosages for the Follistim and Menopur I’m supposed to start on Saturday.  She got my lab slip ready.  Then another lady came in to go over the money.  It’s a huge fucking sum, but we had already moved more than enough from the savings into the checking account, so we were covered.

We were out of there in less than an hour, but I was already feeling rushed because I needed to go to an insurance-approved lab to get blood drawn, try to grab a quick lunch, and still make it to my 1:00 home visit.  It was a tight squeeze, but I got it all in.

While I was waiting at the lab, I got a call about the previous lab work we had done.  Lab work that was a month old, and the clinic still hadn’t gotten the results.  (Gotta love our lab.)  The good news:  Neither of us has AIDS.  So yay.

By the time I got home from work this afternoon, I was wiped out, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting a cold.  Super.  I still hadn’t heard from the clinic about the lab results from today, so I called and left a message.  About 20 minutes ago, someone called me back to say, no, they haven’t gotten the results yet (big surprise) and they’ll call me in the morning as soon as they do.

Until then, I don’t know what the fuck is going on with this cycle.  If I really am about to ovulate, it’ll be cancelled, and we’ll have to start all over with (hopefully stronger) BCPs on my next CD3.  I’m pissed because I had already planned it all out in my head and cancelled spending Christmas with my family.  (Okay, technically, if this cycle really is cancelled, we could still do Christmas, although, it won’t be the merriest.)  I’m also pissed because we’ve paid for this cycle already.  It should be happening.  But there’s a decent chance it won’t.  And to that, I say, GRRRRR!


11 thoughts on “Long story long

  1. Your lefty should meet my righty. Maybe they could inspire each other to actually do something.

    I hope everything works out this cycle. We’re a few days away from egg retrieval, so I totally know what you’re talking about with the pile if consent forms. Try doing them with a husband who is ADHD. Oh man…

    Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Oh, man. I hope that your ovary isn’t ovulating and you start on Saturday. Waiting is the absolute worst. We’ve all waited long enough. Do you hear me Universe?! We’ve waited long enough!

  3. Grrr is right! What I’m hoping is that they’re seeing a corpus luteum and not a cyst. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope that AF shows up soon.

  4. Oh, no! Your righty is really trying to mess this up. Hopefully your bloodwork will tell a different story and you be back on track. FX the clinic calls you with good results tomorrow morning.

  5. How suck-ish. Why can’t things just go right for at least ONE of us for a change?! I’m sorry you’ve got one more thing to stress over. Really hoping blood work shows that Righty is not as stupid as we all fear it is. Hang in there!

  6. Have been wondering how it’s going there! Hope they’re just confused reading the scan, that period starts right on time and that you guys are all set for Saturday!

  7. Grrr. Waiting is the worst. Hopefully it’s a false alarm and you can start on Saturday. If you do we’ll hopefully be cycle buddies! I’m so nervous for my scan tomorrow.

  8. It’s amazing the hoops you have to jump through with infertility. Especially those consisting of writing VERY.LARGE.CHECKS. I’m a bit behind in my reading so I hope your next few posts bring good news. I’m hoping upon all hope that they do. You need this.

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