Yesterday, Tomorrow

Yesterday was Christmas.  Hubby gave me a book (Bossypants, by Tina Fey–unwrapped).  (I guess we both broke the no-presents rule.)  He said the duck was “amazing.”  Still, it didn’t feel like a holiday.  All the skyping with my family had been done the night before.  I played Christmas music, but still couldn’t quite get into […]

Wish Us Luck

Hubby has a phone interview tomorrow.  One of about 47 steps toward potentially maybe possibly getting a job.  The interview is supposed to last two hours.  I don’t know what anyone could have to grill him about for two hours.  But that’s the plan. And what do I need luck for?  Tomorrow I have to […]


Even now, on the verge of the best possible chance we’ve ever had, the idea of being pregnant seems like an impossible dream.*  The rocky start to this cycle isn’t helping matters.  I can’t seem to envision a happy ending, at least, not without stumbling over several hurdles first.  Some of these are fears I […]