A New Day and a New Plan

Okay, so it’s the same plan, just a few weeks later.

My baseline ultrasound is now scheduled for December 27, hopefully cyst-free this time.  I hesitate to look beyond that date.  One step at a time.  (I’m just glad it’s not on the 26th, which was supposed to be my beta day.)

Until then, I’m back on birth control, which is delightful as ever.

I wallowed the crap out of this weekend, and by the time this morning rolled around, I was feeling better.  In part because of all of your wonderful, uplifting and validating comments.  So, thanks.

Also, the cold seems to be 99% gone, so that helps.

Since we’re back in a holding pattern, I guess I’m going to have to think of some other things to blog about.  It’s been a while since I’ve delved into the history of Hubby and me, so look forward to that, as well as a big anniversary post.  And if there’s anything in particular you’re just dying to hear my take on, leave it in the comments, and I shall do my best to wax poetic on the topic.  Or something.

Short and sweet tonight.  I’m off to bed.


6 thoughts on “A New Day and a New Plan

  1. Oh, birth control sux. History posts are always nice. I’ve written a series of rants lately that I’ve not posted.. no need for all that being out in the world, but it did feel nice to write them.

  2. Hang in there, hon. I know how much BCPs suck. But, Dec. 27th is my birthday, so my birthday wish is that you are nice and surpress. Fingers are crossed!!

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