Scared Shitless for No Good Reason

Two things:

Turns out, my biggest fear regarding international adoption (namely, that a child will be “placed for adoption” without his/her parents’ consent) isn’t just a problem in parts of the world where running water, electricity, and knowing where your next meal is going to come from are luxuries.  I saw this tonight, and I’m distraught for all parties involved.

Also, Hubby and I watched this documentary, and now I’m terrified to ever have a teenage daughter.  Or any teenager.  Or kids in general.

My stomach hurts.

12 thoughts on “Scared Shitless for No Good Reason

  1. This situation is so heartbreaking for everyone involved, but my heart really goes out to the father in this case. We have a world where I had to sit in a PARENTING class (for our adoption) and hear about how men were evil — they were the perpetrators — and how women/mothers, especially biological mothers, were the most important thing to a child, ever. This father was never given a chance to parent, and that’s just wrong. The Frei’s must be heartbroken. They obviously love that little girl. I hope that the dad and they will come to an amicable agreement so they don’t lose touch with her forever.

    As to the Sexy Baby documentary — I haven’t seen it, but from the trailer, I can tell you it’s all real. With my 14 year old stepdaughter, it’s practically a full-time job monitoring and teaching her what she can say, can post, can show. Especially since she has friends with less tech-y parents who post some really, really crazy stuff.

    Wait, now I’m scared too. Let’s both just get a new cat and be done with it.

    • Ha! I don’t think my two existing cats would like that solution!

      I feel bad for the Freis, but they knew this might be a possibility when they brought the baby home. This poor dad was given no say in the matter and seems like he really wants to be a father to his child. What the biological mother said about preferring to struggle with the child in her custody than have her go with her father–it’s just so spiteful.

      As for the documentary, if we ever do have kids, I plan to watch this with my pre-teens. It brings up so many topics that need to be discussed before these issues come up.

  2. Holy hell. All I kept thinking was, “who is parenting these girls?”, and then the most terrifying thought came to me…what if they WERE parented really well and STILL made these life choices?

    Ugh…now MY stomach hurts…

    P.S. I totally want to see this documentary!

    • That was my initial thought when we first started watching it, but as the film went on, it seemed like the parents were doing their best, trying to balance monitoring their children and fostering independence/giving her the chance to make smart choices. She had her facebook privileges taken away several times–but she definitely seemed to be just as influenced by her friends/pop culture as her parents, which is what scares the crap out of me about having children that age.

      You should totally watch it!

  3. God that’s horrible! I’d seen documentaries on the problems with some international adoptions that turn out to be nothing more than child trafficking (without the adoptive parents’ knowledge), but I’d at least thought that if you went domestic you’d be safer. I’ll be sending this link to anyone who ever says the dreaded “Why don’t you just adopt?”

  4. I could not watch that trailer because I’m already freaked out enough about having a daughter that will one day be a teenager. I watched Traffic for the first time a couple weeks ago and my husband and I were scared shitless by the end…simply because we are terrified our daughter may turn into a drug addict who sleeps around with drug dealers. I’m only watching disney movies from here on out.

    • Teenagers are scary. I was such a “good girl” growing up, I’m not even sure of everything we’ll be getting ourselves into! The technology stuff freaks me out–a kid can get into all kinds of trouble on the internet. Add that to the list of things to have “the talk” about.

      I’m sure your little girl will NOT turn out as bad as the movies would make you believe! 🙂

  5. For some reason I wasn’t able to view the 2nd trailer but the first one was scary enough. It’s terrifying to think that our future sons or daughters will have to navigate this world where sex rules. It was bad enough when we were kids- I can’t imagine what it’s like now.

    • There’s actually a scene in the movie where the girl makes fun of her dad for looking at nudie magazines when he was her age because it’s so old-fashioned! I learned way more about sex from my friends than I ever should have known at a young age. I don’t even want to think about what today’s kids know–let alone the kids of the future!

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