Merry Christmukkah!

Well, it didn’t snow, but I’m still trying to get myself into the Christmas spirit.  The tree is up.  I’m working on the only present that will end up under it.

Not that Hubby cares much about any of it.  He’s Jewish, after all.  And Hanukkah started this weekend.  So we’ve got the menorah out, too.

I think I’ve mentioned before that holidays are pretty low-key around here.  But when we do have kids, I plan to celebrate all the holidays!  Christmas.  Easter.  Rosh Hashanah.  Halloween.  Hanukkah.  Passover.  And (gasp!) Mother’s Day.

When we were first dating, Hubby and I were much more enthusiastic about the holidays, simply as a way to share each of our cultures with the other.  I think we had been dating about 6 months when he planned a surprise dinner for me that he wouldn’t tell me anything about.  All my friends and coworkers thought he was going to propose, but, instead, it was my first Passover seder.

I hope we’ll be that enthusiastic again when we have little someones to share it with.


14 thoughts on “Merry Christmukkah!

  1. heheh, I snorted my tea out my nose. When you said he’s not that into Christmas… I was all aw, that’s really harsh of him… but because he’s Jewish! pretty much the best excuse ever for not being that into Christmas. *wipes tear from eye* Anyway… Merry Christmukkah to you too, lady!

    • Thanks! Christmas may be starting to grow on him after all the years we’ve been together, but I think if I suddenly decided we were having none of it, he wouldn’t even bat an eye.

  2. Once you have kiddos, I have no doubt your whole perspective will change. The only reason I go to all this Christmasy effort is for my daughter. Really hoping you see what I mean by this time next year! 🙂

  3. How very The OC of you 😉

    Our holidays are very low-key, too. Sometimes some decoration (not yet, this year … which probably means not at all, at this point), never a tree. I too would like that to change when there are little ones around.

    My dad’s wife is Jewish while the rest of us celebrate Christmas, and I always appreciated their blending of traditions. Cheers to the happy co-existence of trees and menorahs!

    • Yup. That’s why I had to get the tree up–if I would have waited, it never would have happened. I already dread taking it down.

      I love the blending of the holidays, and I hope our kids will appreciate it, too!

  4. your house looks like ours! we lit the candles and got our tree this weekend, so plans for making latkes along with making paper chains for the trees. Ah multi-culturalism!

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